Ethan Fortier aka "E-Stone" is one of the funniest people I know. On top of that, he is an amazing photographer and with the combination of his photo skills and comical skills, he is one of the most sought-after snowboard photographers to work with in the world. Unfortunately the only time that I get to shoot with Stone is at our events, but I can tell you firsthand that he is a nonstop riot and should probably have a reality TV show made about him. I can only imagine when Ethan is out on trips that he is a huge motivator for the riders, and keeps things entertaining and light-hearted with his endless epic stories, or just saying some really funny random tidbits. But besides his comical demeanor, Stone works nonstop to get the best shot possible. He is on the forefront with his technical lighting ability and also knowing when to shoot that hammer sequence. Ethan shoots with the best of the best from Dan Brisse to Dylan Thompson; Stone gets out there with a lot of riders every year and we are always excited to dive into his submission! Aspiring photographers take notes, because E-Stone is one of the best.

– Mike Yoshida