words and photos: Mike Yoshida

Disclaimer: Please watch this video at 720p or 1080p. The lower res 380p version looks absolutely horrific.

This past season was another one for the books. Although my local snow zone, the Pacific Northwest, was plagued with one of the worst winters in history, it allowed me to travel to some amazing places. Three trips to Japan, one to Europe, and several flights out to the East Coast left me with some of my favorite images to date. The normal photo gallery of our New Year’s Hi Resolution series features 10-15 of our most prized images from the past season, but this year I wanted to mix it up, and give you guys all little more of what I shot.

Each season photographers around the world shoot an ungodly amount, and a ton of that work stays either in a hard drive or a negative sleeve, never to see the light of day. So, I made a slideshow to add in a couple more images, and some cheesy Ken Burns effects with some dramatic music, and voila… we have a masterpiece… or something that is seriously going to bore you.

The entire slideshow is a chronological diary of my season, starting around the second week of February. The month of January was spent with Brain Farm at an undisclosed location, so stay tuned for those photos coming out in next years volume.

The first song was inspired by the Pixies, obviously, and the second was inspired by former SNOWBOARDER Events Manager Drew Amer, who would always play Bob Seger on his record player. I hope you guys enjoy the photos, and if you want to see more, follow @snowboardermag, @mikeyoshida on Instagram and @yosh3000 on Snapchat, for all you snap gods out there. Happy New Year world!

Love, Yosh