Every year we receive hundreds of submissions from photographers around the world that shoot all sorts of different styles of snowboarding. Some guys are street heavy, and other guys are park shooters, while there are also a handful of photogs that are lucky enough to get to shoot the gnarly, big mountain stuff and so on and so forth. The range of what people are shooting these days is very diverse and I believe it to be a really exciting time in snowboarding. There are very few that get to shoot all aspects, I could honestly narrow it down a handful if I needed to. One of my favorite all-terrain shooters would have to be Oli Gagnon.  The dude has work ethic beyond what four photographers could do in a season. Honestly, I have no idea how he pulls it off. Oli starts shooting in November and pretty much does not stop to take a break until May. He is a nonstop workhorse that shoots everything and anything, from the streets of Quebec to the peaks of Alaska; he has shot with the best of the best in every corner of the globe. His submission alone is a massive volume of work every year and takes a huge amount of time just to go through it all. One thing that most people might not know is that he shoots all his lifestyles and portraits on film still and ends up using several different cameras for these shots. He captures that emotion and humor in a lot of these shots, and unfortunately so many of them don't get used. So without further adieu here it is, the live and uncut version of Oli's favorite photos of the year. Thank you Oli Gagnon for coming through year after year, and making our jobs easy to pick your photos!

– Mike Yoshida