Last year was a shitty winter for many on the West Coast. However, there were glimpses of hope here and there and as snowboarders, when there's no snow, you have to travel to it. That's exactly what I did last winter and it took me to some places I've never been where I encountered extraordinary people and experiences, and that's what it's all about for me personally. Ultimately, it was a lackluster winter in terms of accumulation but it was rich in experience, travel and good times but I didn't get many days shooting in deep snow. It looks like the storm systems have reversed so far this year, as the West Coast has been getting slammed with snow while the East rapidly warms. Such is the love/hate relationship we all have with Mother Nature, but that's the way it goes every season. Here's to a happy holiday, a great New Year and an incredible winter, wherever you are.
– T. Bird