New Year’s High Resolution – 2012 X Games Real Snow


While this holiday season, some people may be buying gym passes and cutting out carbs, we’re more interested in the kind of resolution that revolves around pixels as opposed to self improvement. As 2012 comes to a close and we ring in the new year and a new winter season, our Senior Photographers have collected their favorite photos to commemorate the past twelve months. Each day, we’ll share a new “best of” collection, our New Year’s High Resolutions.

First up is an album of photos from Winter X Games 2012 Real Snow. Last season, Oli Gagnon and Ethan “E-Stone” Fortier shot stills of some of the most talented riders navigating the snow-covered streets, Bode Merrill, Jed Anderson, Louis-Felix Paradis, and Dan Brisse, as they put together their video parts for the Real Snow competition. This year, another round of Real Snow is getting stacked in the streets. The competitors for 2013, with the winners selected during Winter X in Aspen, January 24-27: Brisse, Louif, Bode, Pat Moore, Eero Ettala, Ethan Deiss, Jeremy Jones, and Frank April.