Nike Chosen: Breckenridge Rail Jam

Nike Chosen Rail Jam- Rider’s Perspective: Seth Hill

Words: Heather Hendricks

On Saturday evening, the first stop of the Nike Chosen Rail took over the streets of Breckenridge, Colorado. Over 50 amateur riders were invited to compete in jam format that featured a progressive setup in the middle of town. After four rounds, the top two riders from each heat were “Chosen” for the finals. Canadian rider, Anto Chamberland, 23, from Montreal, was putting down bangers all night and ended up taking the win.

Seth Hill, a passionate, up and comer, was throwing down all night and stomped his way into finals. After the contest we chatted with Seth to get his perspective of the Chosen Contest and what it was like to ride in it.

Check out what he had to say.

Tell me about the Chosen Rail Jam?
Going into the Chosen Rail Jam I was a bit skeptical of what was actually going on. I had got he invite from Pat Bridges, and it was a Nike event, so I figured it must be pretty legit. With that said I had heard rumors of
them looking for non-sponsored athletes for the event, so I wasn't quite sure. Once the details of the contest were emailed out everyone knew it was going to be legit; 50 solid riders and 5K in prize money changed the whole game. As far as I knew it was just a one time contest to draw some extra attention to the Dew Tour (which it did with nearly 1000 spectators in attendance). But found out it is a 7 stop tour which will be pretty awesome. Put simply the Chosen Rail Jam was awesome time, in front of an awesome crowd with awesome riders.

What was the set-up like?
The set up was fairly simple but super fun. Almost an exact replica of the West Coast Invitational. It consisted of four features; A very curved "C" rail, a perfect down rail with a kink at the end, a down flat down box, and
the "CHOSEN" ice sculpture wall ride. All the tricks left endless possibilities and the riders took advantage of that.

What heat were you in?
I was in heat 1 of 4. The top 2 riders out of each heat were Chosen for the finals.

What was the overall vibe of the event?
FUN, it became very obvious as the finals came to a wrap that all the riders were having a blast. As they told us one last drop, and the judges put down their pens it became a sole shred session. None of us wanted to
stop riding it was just too fun. Someone legitimately had to stand in the middle and not let any of the riders back up for it to stop. To me that's a pretty obvious sign of success!

What were some of the best tricks that you saw?
The best trick for the night was awarded to Scotty Vine for a front side 360 into the "C" rail. But almost every rider had a trick that was up there. Ryan Paul with his standard front flip onto the down rail, and definitely one of my favorites Yale Cousino with a hard way switch back side 270 onto the down rail (and trust me its as hard to do as hard to read).

What were the girls throwing down?
As none of rails were very mellow, the girls were keeping it pretty standard. Madison Blackley won with a half cab onto the down rail, but Courtney Cox was working on some stuff, as well as some very legit 360 out attempts from some of the other riders.

Best trick you stomped?
I’d have to say my Back Side 540 gap on the down flat down rail was my most impressive as well as best feeling trick of the night. But I was pretty stoked on my back lip across the "CHOSEN" was as well.

Favorite feature?
At first I had said it was the down rail, but after trying some gaps on the down flat down rail, Id have to say that.

Overall impression of the Nike Chosen Rail Jam?
FUN, high pace, and a good time for all, definitely one of the best rail jams I've attended.

Final results?
Anto Chamberland came out on top, Scotty Vine with Best Trick, Hans Mindnich with best trick on the "CHOSEN" wall ride, and Madison Blackley with the win for the women.

Party time?
Oh yeah, spectators had cocktails in hand and a performance by Yelawolf to follow stoked everyone out. The environment was awesome with all the lights, fog machine, and DJ Spinning beats.

The first stop of the Nike Chosen Rail Jam was a success and a good time for all. There’s six more stops throughout the season, so head to Nike Chosen page to see how to get you and crew involved.