Nike Chosen: Mt Seymour Recap

Nike Chosen Mt Seymour 14

Words: Heather Hendricks
Photos: Phil Tifo

The 6th stop of the The Chosen 2011-2012 Tour rolled through Mt. Seymour just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia on Saturday. The last event of the Tour was action-packed with many amateur snowboarders throwing down on the progressive course.

Nike Chosen Mt Seymour 04

Ryan Paterson, a member Seymour Crew competing in the Nike Chosen Crew Video Contest gave us an inside scoop of what went down at the contest.

Here’s what he had to say.

Nike Chosen Mt Seymour 06

What was the set up of Nike Chosen Tour stop at Mt. Seymour?
The set up was awesome, super original and super fun with good flow.

What were your crew’s feelings going to the contest?
I think we were all just really stoked to be part of a contest like this because of how unique it is.  The atmosphere was sick and we all had a really good time boarding with everybody up there.

Nike Chosen Mt Seymour 10

What was the best trick you or someone from your crew threw during the contest?
That’s hard to say there were a lot of tricks going down.  I think Quinn, whose the twelve-year-old in our crew sending the jump was one of the best parts. It’s great watching somebody that small fly through the air.  It definitely got everybody fired up.

Nike Chosen Mt Seymour 11

What has it been like to be apart of the Nike Chosen Crew Video Contest?
It was an unreal experience being a part of the Nike Chosen Tour.  It was something new for sure, and getting to ride and film with some of the guys from Nike was really fun.  The rail jam at the end of the week just topped the whole experience off. Thanks Nike!

Nike Chosen Mt Seymour 12

Who won the Seymour stop of the Chosen Tour?
Cody Wilson from Whistler.  He was killing it all night and definitely deserved to win that cash.  Props Cody!

How many spectators would you say there were?
The rain probably kept a few spectators from showing up, but all the homies not riding in the contest came out to support.  They were getting loud for everything from big tricks to big slams and they made the boarding that much more fun.

Nike Chosen Mt Seymour 15

What was your favorite part of the contest?
My favorite part of the rail jam was getting to ride the set up with all my buddies that were up there.  You can’t beat riding with your friends and the unique atmosphere with all the crazy lights and music made it even more fun.

Thanks Nike!

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Best trick winner

Nike Chosen Mt Seymour 27

Women's First Place Winner.

Nike Chosen Mt Seymour 29

Riders escorting the winner Cody Wilson to his $1,500

Nike Chosen Mt Seymour 31

Obviously Cody was hyped

Nike Chosen Mt Seymour 02

A look at some of Nike's boots.