Nike Chosen: Salt Lake City Rail Jam

Nike Chosen 2011-2012 Tour: Salt Lake City

Words: Heather Hendricks
Photos: Malissa Mabey

The fourth stop of the 2011-2012 Nike Chosen Tour rolled through Utah on Friday and took over the Energy Solutions Arena in downtown Salt Lake City. Known for it’s awesome urban scene and die-hard shredders, SLC proved to be the perfect place for this exciting rail jam.

Over 60 amateur snowboarders threw down their best tricks on the progressive urban set-up. With flashing lights and a DJ rocking some heavy beats, the atmosphere was like a party, and the crowd and the competitors were more than stoked.

Local rider Parker Worthen took home the win for the guys, and Breckenridge local Courtney Cox took the win for the women. Cox is a member of the 6.Pro Crew so we hit her up to break down her experience at the Nike Chosen 2011- 2012 Tour stop in SLC.

Check out what she had to say below.

How stoked are you on the Chosen Tour and the overall Chosen contest?

I’m really stoked on the rail jam tour. The SLC rail jam was the coolest jam I have ever been to as the set-ups and energy of the event was unlike anything I have ever been to. Great way to start off the year!!

I’m also super excited about the Crew Video Contest. I wanna go to Austria!! The contest gives all of us AM riders a chance to get our footage and photos out there for everyone to see. There are so many amazing undiscovered riders out there and this is an amazing way for them to get some exposure. Our crew,, is fired up for this! We wanted to put a crew together that could add a lot of variety to the overall edit. We have a lot of support so far, so we are stoked to keep pushing traffic our way! Check out the 6.PRO crew at

What was the set-up like at the Rail Jam and what features did you like the best?

The set-up was rad. The close-in rail and the big gap to down were really fun and different than anything I’d ever hit before. There was a lot of variety in the set-up. The landing area for this event was awesome as their was enough run-out to land tricks with confidence.

What was the best trick you stomped, or the best trick you witnessed?

My best was a front one, switch back one out on the close-in rail. Its one of my favorite tricks and I was stoked to bring it to a new feature for me, let alone an urban set-up!

Also, Madison Blackley had some incredible presses and great style. There was also another kid who had the cleanest backside 3 to fifty-fifty that I thought was so sick.

What was the overall vibe of the contest?

Great vibe! Everyone was super stoked on everyone’s riding and the crowd was freaking out. It was a great crew to ride with. Considering that I had never been to the Energy Arena in SLC and didnt really know anyone, I was pumped on the crowd. Everyone was super nice and fun to shred with!