Nike Never Not Part 2 Full Movie Online

This morning, Nike Snowboarding released the second part of their 2 part film, Never Not. If you’ve seen Part 1, you know how heavy this film is with some of the best riding in the world right now. This isn’t some biased opinion either, Never Not won a few awards at the Reels Festival that give the film credit for the hard work put in by the riders and film crew. These awards include: Best Movie of the Year, Best Documentary, Best Backcountry (Nicolas Müller), and Best Male Performance (Halldor Helgason).

Part 2 is a documentary that gives the audience a behind the scenes view of the work that goes into organizing, filming and riding in a full film for a large snowboard company.  It allows the audience to connect with a few of the riders on a more personal level. The riders describe the motivation, stress, and passion that comes with filming a part. It shows that these guys aren’t just robots that stomp everything first try (although it seems like it) and that they too deal with many hardships throughout the winter. Although this part of the film may get pretty heavy on the heartstrings, it also shows how awesome it is to be a snowboarder and why everyone should keep at it.

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