Nike Snowboarding Snake and Hammers at Mammoth Mountain, California


words and photos: Mike Yoshida

The fourth stop of Nike Snowboarding's Snake and Hammers went down Saturday, April 6th at Mammoth Mountain. The guys over at Nike came up with the brilliant idea of fusing together two awesome ideas, including a banked slalom, but with a twist. They added some freestyle obstacles littered throughout the course. Riders were judged on their time, but they were also judged on the freestyle obstacles as well. The higher scoring tricks deducted seconds from your original time.

Nike and the Mammoth Park Staff put together an insane course. Unlike the Mt, Hood stop, Mammoth was a bit colder and windy, and it even started to snow at one point in the day. This made for some challenging conditions for the riders.

In true Mammoth fashion, every banked turn and feature was groomed and manicured to the tee. The course started off with a 40-foot table that immediately went in to a series of banked turns. The next obstacle was a mini road gap-style stepdown jump, that also ended in some more banked turns, and then into a hip. The course ended with a flat bar a-frame, a couple more banked turns, and the finish line.

A large contingent from SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s The Launch 2013 showed up, and as usual, they dominated the course. Garrett Warnick was crushing the course, launched a backside seven on the stepdown and had some awesome moves on the jump that landed him in third. Brandon Davis came straight out of a heavy session at The Launch and kept it going, placing second. Brendan Gerard came out from Tahoe, and was cruising with his signature style. Tyler Flanagan, who also just had a heavy session at The Launch, was by far the standout. Flanagan's run consisted of a front three on the table, into a cab five on the stepdown, and ended with a front blunt 270 on the a-frame rail.




1st - Tyler Flanagan

2nd - Brandon Davis

3rd– Garrett Warnick



1st - Spencer O'brien