Nitro’s “Hyped”: Austria Full Part

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Nitro's foray into the team video fold is aptly named "Hyped!" because that's what you'll be from the first shot to the final credits. Filmed and edited by Swedish snowboarding cinéaste Per Hampus Stalhåndske, "Hyped!" brings the heat with insane segments from Marcus Keller and Marc Swoboda, as well travel segments that show that some people have got the life. One of those people is Bryan Fox, who is featured in this "Hyped!" Austria edit above. Below, we catch up with Fox for a few quick quips about "Hyped," China, and his Drink Water endeavors.

Pat Bridges

R: Bryan Fox P: Mike Yoshida

Are you in any way related to the Desert Fox?


What are you most hyped about in "Hyped!?"

I'm hyped to see it.

What was it like sessioning with Travis Rice for VG’s "Enlighten?"

It was the most enlightening snowboard trip of my life. Travis has spent a lot of time in Alaska so it was a best-case scenario for me. I soaked up a lot of information in a short period of time.

Are there any insane up-and-coming park riders that Nitro doesn't sponsor?

Nope, we have that genre dialed I guess.

R: Bryan Fox P: Oli Gagnon

Did you know that Nils Arvidsson’s full name is Nils Sture Sigurd Olov Leopold Arvidsson?

I did, actually. I spent a bit of time with him this winter. He’s going to be a household name soon. He has the fire.

What is the longest board you have ever ridden?


When you were in China last season with the Nitro team did you guys do any downhill races?

We raced downhill every time we got off the lift. Racing is the new handrail.

R: Bryan Fox P: Mike Yoshida

What do the Austrians think of your "wasser trinken" manifesto?

They seem to appreciate it. They have some clean "wasser" over there.

Do you think you could make a ten-song playlist on "Hyped!" filmmaker Per Hampus's iPod?

Maybe. I'm a lot more musically current than you might think. I go to music festivals and shit, places you might find LAustin tapping her feet and shit.