Massanutten sounds like a really good type of bread. The type of improbable loaf a gourmet baker might whip up if their cooking supplies were limited to J-bar laps, spring weather, and raisins (raisins kick ass). But in reality Massanutten is a humbly awesome resort cached in Virginia. Each season tides of tricks go down on its Mid-Atlantically steep slopes, though footage of these maneuvers is elusive. The limelight is scarce in the Shenandoah Valley. For this reason, the No Names determinedly headed to Massanutten’s turf, resolved to capture quality clips, have a ripping time, and make an attention-grabbing ruckus on the underexposed merits of this mountainous VA hangout. Featuring Jason Anderson, Alex Budnik, Brian Nero, David Hormby, Austin Santos, Kevin Hoff, Hannah Budnik, Nick Geisen, and Kevin Kobasa.