Oakley and Snowboarder Magazine “Caption This!” Contest

This contest has ended. Congrats to the winners…

1. CRiSCo
“The phenemenon of breathing fire occurs when one's red blood cells start to party. Naturally, with all parties, alcohol is brought into the picture. Red blood cells, by nature, are extremely careless alcoholics, and often spill quite a bit of alcohol. The alcohol reacts with the pacemakers in the heart, and, as a result, fire is formed in the bloodstream. Lungs then expell the flames before any damage is done, resulting in breathing fire. According to extensive scientific research, breathing fire is NOT good for you. There is no known cure.”

2. Sam Sandmire
“Pop Rocks Overdose”

3. Dave
“Never eat glowsticks”

4. Esben
“I eat triple corks for breakfast”

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All you have to do is add a funny, witty caption to Oakley Ripper Torstein Horgmo's funky picture above by adding a comment with your contact info. The editors of Snowboarder Magazine and Oakley Sports will choose the best two captions (one male, one female) next week!

Prize Pack:
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2. Oakley Tech Outerwear Piece
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May the best captions win!