From the same poeple that brought us Crunch Time, sort of… We aren’t sure when this will be available on VHS, but we will definitely be bugging our local Blockbuster until they carry it.

From 2-time XGames Real Snow gold medal winning filmmaker Pat Fenelon, with support from the Crab Grab Endowment for the Arts, comes a movie that will radically alter the course of snowboarding's future. Chronicling one rider's quest for the 8-grab straight air, Octagrab explores the human potential and sets snowboarding on a new path of freestyle progression. Featuring an insane cast and crew, watch Tim Eddy, Java Fernandez, Scott Stevens, Cory Grove, Alex Lopez, Danny Davis, T. Bird, Chris Grenier, C-Mac, Danny Davis, Bode Merrill, and Pat Bridges as they navigate through the annals of snowboarding’s past to possibly find a way into the Octagrab future. Enjoy.

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