Finals Brackets

Welcome to the Official Superpark Sunday Showdown presented by Gatorade Brackets. This interactive contest is a weekly video faceoff where two Superpark edits go head-to-head with the victor being decided by you the viewer. The entry which receives the most votes each week advances to the next round.

All told there are 16 film companies in contention, each with hopes of advancing all the way to the end of the brackets, where they will receive the $5,000 grand prize courtesy of Gatorade. Keep in mind that only one vote a day will be counted per viewer, per browser, so keep coming back to daily to support your favorite vids.

Week 1 Recap:

Do they even have hanging chads in Canada? With thousands of votes cast and over 60 comments posted, Week 1 of our Superpark Sunday Showdown is finally in the can and Nick Khater's Video Gypsy played David to TJ Schneider's Snowboard Realms Goliath. Pundits and spin-doctors have already started to dissect the nuances of how both filmers played their cards. Was it the music, the roster, the angles or the editing? Regardless of how he did it, Nick Khater's Video Gypsy will be advancing to the next round. Congratulations.

Week 2 Recap:

The votes are tallied for Week 2 and it was an absolute blowout by the Think Thank crew. With an over-whelming win, it looks as if we weren't ready to see a repeat upset like we did in Week 1 when Nick Khater's Video Gypsy took down TJ Schneider and his Snowboard Realms. Not at all, actually. Jesse Burtner's brainchild toppled JTR productions this week and will be moving on to the next round to vie for the $5,000 prize.

Week 3 Recap:

The votes are tallied for Week 3 and it was close race between Rubbish Films and YKWII Media. But somehow Rubbish pulled through in the end. They will be moving on to the next round to vie for the $5,000 prize.

Week 4 Recap:

We are halfway through round 1 of the Superpark Sunday Showdown brackets and three of the four completed challenges have come right down to the closing clicks. With over 50 comments, thousands of views and vocal supporters from both coasts declaring their allegiances, it was a battle to the finish. However, in the end, it was Matt Roberge who took the cake, inching ahead in the final moments. This proves that unlike a ballot cast for the presidency or other important offices your Superpark Sunday Showdown vote counts. If you see a video that gets you hyped, make sure to check back every day and show support to the crew who blew your hair back. Filmers will thank you for it and in the case of Matt Roberge, they'll even buy you a beer.

Week 5 Recap:

While the minutemen are worried about Mexicans violating American sovereignty, these backwater blue staters should start focusing their attention to the north. Nuu Life Cinema has become the latest Canadian entry in the Superpark Sunday Showdown to advance out of the first round and they did so by a healthy 6% of the votes. This gap adds insult to injury for Eddie Grams of Variety pack because as a Utah native he wishes he could find some 6%-ers to help ease the pain of defeat at the hands of Cannuks.

Week 6 Recap:

Week 6 of The Superpark Sunday Showdown proved that you can't come into Play Big's house and think you'll dominate. Greg Weaver and his Mammoth-based Big Play Productions sent Dump Em back to Tahoe with just 42% of the votes. Looks like the Loonie Bean was the place to be this week as Weaver and his constituents put in overtime ensuring that their entry would advance. This is no surprise considering riders like Tyler Flanagan were sending out personal email blasts supporting the cause. Just another example of how a sick edit and ingenuity will take you far in The Superpark Sunday Showdown.

Week 7 Recap:

With nearly four out of every five votes being cast in favor of America's Videograss over Japan's Amane Ohnta Week 7 of the Superpark Sunday Showdown presented by Gatorade amounted to your classic blowout. Some snowboard edit aficionados suspect that this is payback for America's loss to Japan in the Beijing Olympic Gold Medal Softball game. This would make sense considering that softball won't appear in the Olympics again until at least 2020 but The Superpark Sunday Showdown will be happening for at least another month. Oh and for the record the person who left a comment saying that Amane's edit was made with iMovie is in fact an employee of Microsoft who is the publisher of Movie Maker 2.1.

Week 8 Recap:

There you have it. With the final vote cast in the first round of Superpark Sunday Showdown, will now join Rubbish Heap, Nuulife Cinema, Play Big Productions, Video Gypsy, Matt Roberge, Think Thank and Videograss in the quarterfinals. Since all videos have been shown in their entirety for a full week already, SNOWBOARDER will now be hosting two separate Showdowns each week with the first bout occurring from Sunday to Tuesday and the second going down from Wednesday to Friday. Other than the abridged schedule, the Showdown is still an edit vs. edit top-vote-getter takes all affair.

Week 9 Recap:

Despite naming themselves after the first World Industries skateboard video and featuring the crème of the crop of New England's new school kicker kids, Rubbish Heap couldn't hold a candle to Nick Khater and Video Gypsy. This means that Video Gypsy will advance to face off against one of the following two videos in the next round of The Superpark Sunday Showdown. This next matchup looks to be an exciting one considering that the two men behind the featured edits have a longstanding relationship. Matt Roberge has been an instrumental filmer for Think Thank mastermind Jesse Burtner. This means that allegiances will be divided, IP addresses guarded and bribes dolled out like stomp pads at a Left Brain, Right Brain mini shred session.

Week 9.5 Recap:

Matt Roberge produced a mighty fine Superpark edit, but democracy can't be denied and with Think Thank's 2 More, Skip The Last, the people have spoken, err clicked. Rather than covering a crew, Burtner and Co. have captured the whole of Superpark from the thirty foot tall quarterpipe to the 100 foot long Centipede. As for the talent, everyone from Craven to Murakami are represented. Of course, this is a Think Thank production so their regular players are well represented. And if you think that the Think Thank crew are just a bunch of mini-shred masters, peep Hironaka and Jason Robinson sending it alongside Lonnie and Chas. With the requisite post Showdown analysis out of the way, it is with great pleasure that we announce our next Superpark Sunday Showdown matchup. Videograss Vacation versus Nuulife will henceforth be known as "Clash Of The TightEdits." Check these clips and as usual, make your opinions matter by voting for the video you appreciate more.

Week 10 Recap:

The last round between Videograss and NuuLife came down to the wire. But when the final votes were tallied, the official winner who will move on to the next round and take one step closer to $5,000 was NuuLife. And now that it's said and done, on to the next round between Play Big Productions and Will local status prevail over hype? You decide.

Week 10.5 Recap: seem to be destroying everything in their path. This round they knocked out Play Big Productions 16% to 84%. They must be doing something right. Now it is on to week 11 for the semi finals.

Week 11 Recap:

The final votes have been counted and moving on to the finals–and one step closer (and one step away) from winning $5,000 in cold, hard cash–is NuuLife Cinema, as they pickpocketed the Video Gypsys and sent them on their way. But the hard part for NuuLife's hard-fought battle has just begun, as they will face this Showdown's two most feared contenders… Think Thank and

Week 11.5 Recap:

It was a tight battle between the Showdown’s two fierce competitors, Think Thanks and But  in the end Helgasons pulled through and will be moving on to the finals against the Canadian posse NuuLife. Either one will need to fill out a w-8 if they win because that is what you do if you are a foreigner getting paid in US dollars. That's right. We don't know how they say it in Canadian or Icelandese but here in the US of A we say "Esa es una gran cantidad de dinero." As of 11:59 pm on August 28th $5,000 American amounts to 5,283.90 in cdn or 641,900 Icelandic Krona. That amounts to a metric tonne of Tim Hortons and enough Bjork and Sugarcubes cd's to make your emo ears bleed. This final Showdown will conclude at midnight Friday at which time we will notify the victors of their Superpark Sunday Showdown triumph.

FINALS Week 12 Match Up:

NuuLife Cinema vs.

Here’s the official list of video producers who’ll be competing in the Superpark Sunday Showdowns.

1. Snowboard Realms

2. JTR Productions

3. Matt Roberge

4. Video Gypsy

5. Helgasons

6. Dump Em

7. Play Big

8. 4 Reel


10. Amane

11. Rubbish

12. Videograss

13. Variety Pack

14. Think Thank

15. Nuulife Cinema

16. Six Eleven Productions