Recap: T Bird
Photos: SKS- Sean Kerrick Sullivan
Video: Cole Taylor

In order to be a successful brand in today’s day and age of big budget campaigns and heavy corporate sponsorships, it’s important not to forget the grassroots level, almost more so now than ever. And that is exactly what we here at SNOWBOARDER Magazine had in mind when incepting our One Hit Wonder events. Three stops, three events, and more prizes than The Price is Right: Seven Springs, Pennsylvania, Sierra-at-Tahoe, California, and our final event went down on April 9th, at Brighton, Utah. A dozen or so local shreds signed up to send it on one feature (hence the name) for a chance to take a top three spot. Even though the three winners walked away with the most swag, every participant got a little bit of product in order to thank them for coming out on Saturday.

sks noah sutton

It's impressive that all these people pulled this off without hitting eachother. R: Noah Sutton

With one main rail zone consisting of two rails and a few mini hips and gaps for the more creative bunch, the judges had a hard time whittling down the winners. Max Greeley, Deylon Siegler, Franklin Manco, Matt Cohen, Jaden Stallard, Jeff McGrath, Rob Field, Andrew Aldridge, Sean Whitaker, Brett Maes, Orie Katsilometes, Noah Sutton, and Jack Hessler took to the course in an hour long jam session on the setup. For “amateur” riders, these kids had a flurry of rail moves. Too many for this old dog to name, let alone remember. It was just rad to see a small, independent contest, and there was an equal ratio of bangers to smiles, and that’s what these things are all about, aren’t they? We’d like to thank all of our One Hit Wonder sponsors. Without them, these events couldn’t have happened: Forum Snowboards, Special Blend Outerwear, DVS Shoes, and Spy Optic.

sks jack hessler

if your uncle jack helped you off an elephant, would you help your uncle jack off an elephant? R: Jack Hessler

Well, the One Hit Wonder Series is a wrap and if you missed out on any of them this winter, make sure you capitalize next year when it rolls through your home hill.

One Hit Wonder Brighton Results:
1. Sean Whitaker
2. Andrew Aldridge
3. Jeff McGrath

Sks sean whitaker

Is this guy wearing a traffic vest? It makes sense for setting up an urban spot... rail jams are a different story though. R: Sean Whitaker

sks andrew aldridge barrel

Is it weird that this photo reminds us of 'Scarface'? R: Andrew Aldridge

sks avert wild

Avert Guldemond... we don't want to know where your hands have been.

sks_park crew chrish frnt 180

According to U.S. laws, a beer commercial can never show a person actually drinking beer. R: Park Crew Chris

sks andrew aldridge

This reminds us of the Exorcist. That can't be normal. R: Andrew Aldridge

sks park crew chris

Do you think the park crew builds features they know they could kill it on just to make themselves look good? R: Park Crew Chris

sks prizes for all

Big thanks to Forum Snowboards, Special Blend Outerwear, DVS Shoes, and Spy Optic for all the product.

sks product

Business in the front, party in the back.