One Hit Wonder: Seven Springs

Words: Avert Guldemond (One Hit Wonder Event Director)
Photos: Danny Vogel
Video: Ian Macy

What comes to mind when you imagine the state of Pennsylvania? Possibly the home of America's favorite chocolate? Perhaps you thought of the countries highest renowned action sports playground, or the cheese steak greasiness of Philly? Maybe like myself you thought of an Amish man rocking a bowl cut cruising the countryside in his horse drawn carriage. Coming from the north, one of the last things I would think of would be in Pennsylvania is strong snowboarding and one of the most entertaining mountains I've visited this year.

One Hit Wonder 7 Springs 1

Back 3 rail tap. R: Kevin Kobasa

Arriving late at night I could see the vast trails of Seven Springs Resort glowing like fireflies in the distance. As I wound my way down to the base of the mountain, I was blown away by what I was seeing. With no natural snow in sight, Seven Springs provides a breathtaking layout of great trails and mouthwatering parks. Blazing down epic laps such as "The Alley" I was reminded of the spirit that got me so hooked to snowboarding. The Pennsylvanians know how to build a fun, creative atmosphere that keeps everyone reloading that chair time after time.

One Hit Wonder 7 Springs 3

Tail on box. R: Andy Davis.

Waking up the morning of the One Hit Wonder, my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when they saw the setup Seven Springs park staff had fashioned overnight. A combo pad including a hitching post, downrail and flatbox/polejam over the gap would be sure to please the most talented of riders. Jake Jones' thrilling display of riding helped the judges make an easy decision when it came to picking a winner for the day. Following him in the rankings it would be local thug Clint Cooper taking second with huge gaps where gaps didn't exist. Paul Filippi's rail techniques landed him in third for the day. Thank You to Jordan Soohy and all the park staff at Seven Springs, for providing such a great venue. Also an enormous thanks to all of the sponsors of this year's One Hit Wonder including Forum, Special Blend, DVS and Spy Optics for providing great prizes and support that make this event what it is.

One Hit Wonder 7 Springs 4

Front board. R: AJ Lawson (MC)

One Hit Wonder 7 Springs 5

So Hood R: AJ Lawson (MC)

One Hit Wonder 7 Springs 6

Mystery rider.

One Hit Wonder 7 Springs 7

Judges Jordan Soohy, Chuck Lengle, and Jenn Carr.

One Hit Wonder 7 Springs 8

Tailslide. R: Clint Cooper

One Hit Wonder 7 Springs 9

R: Jake Jones

One Hit Wonder 7 Springs 10

Backy off the box. R: Paul Filippi

One Hit Wonder 7 Springs 2

Tail 270 Out. R: Alex Turnshek

One Hit Wonder 7 Springs 11

Product toss. R: Jordan Soohy

One Hit Wonder 7 Springs 12

Stoked kids.

One Hit Wonder 7 Springs 13

Park Crew allstars Tom Dickey and Jenn Carr.

One Hit Wonder 7 Springs 13

The Winners.

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