The Setup.

Words: Avert Guldemond (One Hit Wonder Event Director)
Photos: Kyle McCoy

As you wind your way out of Carson City Nevada you can almost sense it in the distance. The majestic power of the earth seems to creep into your soul as you catch your first glimpse. Looking down from highway 50 you notice the burning sun reflecting off the heavenly blue waters of Lake Tahoe. The cliff walls supporting the road seem to be built for tranquility as you circle the edge of the states largest freshwater body.

Cody Lewis

Known for its endless beauty and routine snowfall, Lake Tahoe plays host to some of the nations most desirable snowboarding destinations. Both North and South Lake Tahoe are riddled with resorts truly made for honing a shred head's skills on the hill. One of the most infamous of these many resorts is that of Sierra at Tahoe. Located in South Lake, Sierra's terrain provides more than enough powder and park entertainment than the average rider can handle. A handful of parks strewn over the mountain, and a soft sunny pipe kept me smiling from ear to ear.

Japan 7

Leaving the Mont Bleu Casino the morning of the event, my anticipation of what Sierra's talented park staff had created for me was overwhelming. Knowing their knowledge of insane park design and execution, I could have never expected to see what I did when I rolled through "The Alley" that morning. A massive pad style feature dripping with options stood in the distance. At a closer glance a total of six different lines were incorporated. Setups including an enormous creeper rail mounted to the side of the jump, two gap to tree jumps, and multiple rail-to-rail options kept the riders busy all day.

Rodeo 9

Taking third for the day, Ryan Linert came in hot as one of the standout jumpers of the day. One half the twin brother combo, Chris Geisen would end up in second after impressive riding on all features. It would be local backwoodsman Scotty "BANGER" Hoffman's insane approach to the setup that would steal the top prize of the day. A huge thanks to Sierra At Tahoe, especially Brooke Sommers, Doug Mercer, and all the park staff for creating such an amazing venue. Also an enormous thank you to Forum, Special Blend, DVS and Spy Optics for their support of the One Hit Wonder Tour.

Podium. 1st- Scotty Hoffman, 2nd- Chris Geisen, 3rd- Ryan Linert