“Last season, we put our heads together and tried to come up with a creative approach to designing our own trip aboard.

The concept of this trip was for each of us to pitch a dream experience and whomever’s pitch was most enticing- we would book it! No detailed itinerary, just follow the snow and the good times, in hopes to creating magic.

Norway, Italy, Canada, Eastern Europe all brought something special to the table, but it was Marie-France Roy’s Spain: snow, surf, skate adventure that inspired us most!

Due to high winds and rain, we rerouted our trip to Andorra midway, unfortunately the rain followed us there too! Most of us were unaware that Andorra was its own country, so this was extra exciting- a good world history lesson as well.

We made the best of our conditions building creative urban features, meeting locals and sightseeing some of the most amazing cities in the world: Granada and Barcelona. World class graffiti street art, museums, architecture and theater were all on our list- truly making it one of the best cultural experiences for us to date! We all fell in love with the passionate culture of Andorra and Spain!

Thank you local Professional Snowboarder Merlin, “our Andorra guide”, and friend for life! You truly made our trip amazing!

Here is our adventure, hope you enjoy Spain and Andorra through our eyes!

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-Chanelle Sladics

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