Over the past few years, Jaeger Bailey has been busy. The Washington-born, Mammoth-local has logged multiple celebrated segments in Think Thank films, a strong X Game Real Snow edit, and put out a stacked, fast-paced part in The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Foreword. And, this is all in addition to frequenting the internet airwaves direct from Mammoth’s Main Park and making noise at Superpark each and every spring. In each instance, Jaeger is a rider who is always hiking, always dropping, and always throwing unique tricks–while always having a good time. His uncanny ability to put down the technical and proper on multi-kinks, redirects, and close-outs, in addition to an ability to one-foot, no-foot, and go upside down makes for a diversity of style and in his 2015 offering, the #crossupking has done it again. Jaeger Bailey’s Out to Lunch with Bataleon, and in the above three minutes of hammer footage, he navigates hefty drops, multi-roof lines, quick redirects, massive gaps, one hell of a backlip (oh and that switch backlip, too), all with an accomplished ease. The end result is proof positive that with each passing winter, this member of the 5’2″ crew continues to up the ante on his personal brand of boarding, taking down street spots with a calculated abandon. So, sit back and enjoy the snowboarding stylings of our friend, Jaeger Bailey.