The leaving is the hardest part. Especially when the place you are at is High Cascade, the veritable land of plenty when it comes to off season snowboarding. Mike Rav arrived at camp the first week for his Signature Session and then, well, he just stayed. He posted up in the pro house and posted art on the walls, because he had markers in hand whenever he wasn’t leaving his mark on hill. A summer at Mt. Hood is a magical way to spend the warmer months and while now the temperatures are dropping and leaves are starting to fall, here’s one more look at June, July, and August through the riding of this snowboarding savant, Michael Ravelson.

Cameos by Ross Powers, Kevin Court, Bar Dadon, Max Warbington, Parker Szumowski, Freddy Perry, Marc O’Malley, Reid Smith, Christy Prior, and Ralph Kucharek.

Filmed by Seamus Foster, Tyler Orton, Brent McCarron, Jake Howell, Marc O’Malley and Mark Dangler. Edited by Seamus Foster.