Pepper World Premiere, Friday, October 13th, 2017

Salt Lake City, Utah
photos by E-Stone

Last fall, SNOWBOARDER Magazine embarked upon the idea of making our fourth feature length film in as many years. Our first thought was to contact two-time Rider of the Year Bode Merrill and the wheels started turning. Then, we hit up one of our favorite filmmakers in recent memory, Jon Stark. What Stark did with “Rendered Useless” officially put him in the forefront of fillers that we wanted to make this film. He signed off on it and we started to compile the roster. Next thing we knew, we had signed Chris Grenier, Nils Mindnich, Garrett Warnick, Ted Borland, Justin Keniston, Ozzy Henning, Mikey Rencz and Sage Kotsenburg and the list was as complete as any movie that we have ever made. Pre-order the movie on iTunes here.

Last Friday night, the 13th of October, over 600 people descended on the Jeanne Wagner Theater in downtown Salt Lake City for the official world premiere of Pepper, the brainchild of Stark, and despite turning away a handful of people due to capacity issues, the response was incredible. At the start of the evening, the Pepper crew lined up for an autograph signing in which hundreds of kids brought their own memorabilia and bought some at the venue for the riders to sign while the beer line was set at max capacity until the theater opened its doors.

Pepper SLC Stone 20
Black and white or salt and pepper? p: E-Stone

Once inside, the Pepper roster took over the stage to hand out thousands of dollars of free product from our movie sponsors as well as announce raffle winners from the evening. Jon Stark took the stage to thank the riders, sponsors and the crowd for a winter that we’re sure he will never forget and then, for the first time ever, Pepper started playing. From the opening credits to the closing of the proverbial curtains, the rowdy and raucous crowd hooted, hollered, cheered and clapped at the exploits of the Pepper crew and we couldn’t have been happier at how the evening went. If you couldn’t be there in person the other night, Pepper is currently on iTunes and available for purchase and there will be more premieres. Make sure to keep a close eye on all the aforementioned riders’ social media accounts as well as @snowboardermag for dates and times. SNOWBOARDER would like to thank the entire Pepper crew for coming out last Friday as well as the friends and fans alike. Also, a huge thank you to the Jeanne Wagner Theater and all of the sponsors of Pepper. Without you all, this magical night would have never happened. – T. Bird

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