Pat Moore, Mammoth Mountain, California. Photo: Espen Lystad

Pat Moore, Mammoth Mountain, California. Photo: Espen Lystad



"He can ride anything just as well, if not better, than anyone in the world," states Colorado's Chad Otterstrom, who himself knows a thing or two about being an alpine ATV. And while some riders are content to coast on talent alone, Pat is the product of both innate ability and personal drive. Despite being the icon behind Burton's "Easy Livin'" line, Danny Davis commends Pat's initiative, saying, "He works fucking hard, and always produces a good, quality, unique style of shredding."


With his Forum Forever opener, Pat Moore once again produced a part showcasing his uncommon diversity, putting the old adage "Jack of all trades, master of none" to the ultimate test. According to Chris "E-Tree" Engelsman, something about Pat's riding just clicked for him. "He's got the skills to destroy anything, and he did this past year!" The high-def destruction is non-stop, as Pat leaves the viewer wanting more Moore.

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Pat Moore’s full part from Forum Forever

“I like that fact that he can ride everything that’s in front of him!” Eero Ettala –

On paper, Pat is the most prolific pro in the business, playing a part in eight different features in SNOWBOARDER and TransWorld, including a complete interview and a cover in the latter. This means that whether he is putting his mark on Hancock, Michigan or firing it off an ice wall at Sierra-at-Tahoe, Moore is always on the right page.

Cooke City, Montana. Photo: Tim Peare

Cooke City, Montana. Photo: Tim Peare

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