Pat Moore’s Methodology Hits Brighton, Utah

photos + words: E-Stone
additional photos: Chris Monte

Chase Burch and an unknown flyer. p: Stone

After the word got out on how fun Methodology was last season at Brighton resort the event quickly sold out this season. 166 snowboarders of all ages registered the night before the event at a board tuning party held by the local snowboard shop Milo sport. Pat Moore’s event is all about getting the snowboard community together for a kick ass event but at the same time raising money for backcountry awareness. The entry fee's as well as money earned from raffle ticket sales all goes to free avalanche safety and rescue classes from the Utah Avalanche Center. So anyone who enters the event is able to contact Pat and sign up for one of these classes and attend for free. This years event raised $8500 in classes for the Utah snowboard community. Brighton resort has very easily accessible back country terrain and all too often in Utah we hear stories of fatalities in the back country and thanks to Pat and this event we can now make sure the snowboarders in our community are properly trained and prepared to make the most of the Utah backcountry. Last season Pat was able to take the proceeds from the event and build a beacon training facility at Brighton and now this season riders of the event can take it a step further by attending these classes. Not only is Pat doing something rad for the community and potentially saving life's that before would not have been properly trained for the backcountry but he is also hosting one of the best events Utah has to offer. So many contests are more focused on Am and pro snowboarders where Methodology is something riders of all ages and skill levels can have fun attending. The contest is unlike any contest I have been too as it combines the fun of a timed bank slalom with a jump where riders are judged on style and of course as the name of the event states its all about throwing your best Method after your timed run. After all the entrants get their two runs through the course there is also a jump session where Pat awards best trick and best method.

Mike Rav showing a proper method on the berm. p: Chris Monte

Pat's sponsors of the event came in strong this season with the most product give aways I have seen in some time. Riders are able to buy raffle tickets where all the money goes to raising money for the avalanche classes and for a $5 raffle ticket your are guaranteed to walk away with a number of rad prizes. Pat also teamed up with Ben Manheimer of and had amazing trophies made 100% from materials found at Brighton Resort.

Packed house! p: E-Stone

After the event everyone gathered in the lodge of Brighton and was amazed to see how much swag Pat was able to collect from the event sponsors as it looked like a stack of 100 boot's and shoes from Vans, Grills from Traeger, Boards from K2, Boxes of gear from Volcom, head phones from skull candy, Ninja suits and Face masks from Airhole. The amount of gear stacked up was incredible and riders quickly bought more raffle tickets as it was clear everyone was going to go home with some cool prizes. He announced the winners which are listed below and then started raffling off all of the goods. It was clear by the smiles on all the riders faces how much fun everyone had at the event. I even met people in the crowd that drove out from the east coast because they had been to Pat's event in the east last season and now wanted to make sure they were at every event he held even if they had to drive across the country to attend. Props to Pat for doing something so cool for snowboarding and actually taking the time setting up and organizing these events. The next event will be held on March 16th in Tahoe. If you are in the area I highly recommend attending as you will not be let down.

Pat Moore with the trophies. p: E-Stone

– Open Men
1st Connor Dziubinski
2nd David Faircloth
3rd Cody Lee

– Open Women’s
1st Hailee Mattingly
2nd Emma Crosby
3rd Amber Nelson

– Gentlemen
1st Sam Kellerman
2nd Jason Hindman
3rd Ben Trujillo

– Ladies
1st Alicia Titzmann

– Boys
1st Hunter Goulet
2nd Bennet Giblin
3rd Wyatt Blake

– Girls
1st Scarlette Park
2nd Gwynnie Park

– Best Trick Winners
David Faircloth
Cody Lee

– Method of the day
Phil Hansen

Event Sponsors: Vans, Volcom, Skull candy, K2 Snowboards, Traeger Grills, Drink Tanks, Drift Products, Villager Goods, Milo Sport, Ninja Suit, Airhole Face masks

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