Peepshow Premiere 01

Before the premiere an impromptu game of limbo went down. Not only was this probably the first time a game of Limbo has occurred at a video premiere, but probably the first time not a single guy was in a snowboard premiere picture.

Words and Photos: Gary Tyler McLeod

Peep Show is officially a welcomed addition to the list of film crews whose movies we will look forward to seeing each Fall. Well, anything female is usually welcomed to anything having to with snowboarding but these girls are special. They are a real life, do it yourself, all female snowboard film crew and they premiered their newest gem “Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow” on Friday in Government Camp, OR.

Peepshow Premiere 02

Desiree Melancon enthralled about the turnout.

These girls don’t bullshit and I’m not making this up. “Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow” will affect how many men select shots for their video parts next year. The film is a raw testament to this unique group of girls’ passion for snowboarding and ability to do things for the right reasons. Snowboarders first and filmmakers second, June Bhongjan and Esthera Preda have started a revolution. Watch their movie, and if you don’t like it, go make your own. That’s what they did.

Peepshow Premiere 03

June Bhongjan still editing the movie. Marie Hucal hoping none of her shots get cut last minute.

Peepshow Premiere 04

The Videograss crew came in best style.

Peepshow Premiere 05

It was a full log cabin house.

Peepshow Premiere 08

It’s ok, Lance Hakker lives in Los Angeles.

Peepshow Premiere 06

Peepshow Premiere 09

This girl was able to name every single girl in the Peep Show movie. That earned her a snowboard.

Peepshow Premiere 10

I don’t know. Girls are weird.

Peepshow Premiere 12

Lance Hakker and Pat Barrazza are pretending this isn’t happening. Hair by Gabby Maiden.

Peepshow Premiere 13

The whole Peep Show crew: Darrah Reid, Gabby Maiden, Laurie Gavin, June Bhongjan, Desiree Melancon, Esthera Preda, Laura Hadar, Terra Michilot, Jess Kimura, Madison Blackley, Paige Rainear, Marie Hucal, Colleen Quigley, and filmer Pat Barraza