Words: Jenna Klein
Photos: Dynomike

Ah, Orange County. This mythical land of silicon mountains and overly plump lips welcomed something new to their bar screens last Saturday night; snowboarding! This femme centric event featured the lovely people from Boarding For Breast Cancer, girls kitted up in Nikita and Roxy gear strutting atop bowling lanes and a little peep of Peep Show, the virgin effort from June Bhongjan and Esthera Preda.

As music rang loud from DJ Bliss, attendees backed off from bowling and turned their focus on screen to watch what these girls had to offer. Though there were minor technical glitches involving audio fumbles and chapter repeats, no one complained as an all-time slam section looped on repeat, showing exactly what the babes went through this season. After quickly sorting out the situation, the film played in its entirety synched to a 60’s-esque soundtrack for all to enjoy.

Standout moves garnered cheers, but it was Celia Miller’s plant on the June satellite dish and fine backcountry work that helped set her apart. Many other notables included Desiree Melancon’s perfectly executed frontboards, Marie Hucal’s creative and fresh approach to killing it, numerous girls tackling double kinks and stylish jump shots of Bev Vuilleumier and Madison Blackley. Though some enjoy the cliché  “last but not least,” the girl holding down last part proved why in the realm of shred videos showing up last means you’re coming in first. Miss Superpark super shredder Jess Kimura had a solid part in both time, tricks and tenacity. Logging a few minutes solo on screen, Jess charged backy bomb drops, deathly playground equipment and possibly pulled off the best 50-50 to flip, slam, recover and ride away ever seen.

In a time of baffling budgets and sponsor dollars tugging on creative strings, Peep Show is a film that makes you want to snowboard with your friends. Hand held shots and smile loaded energy coming from the heart makes this a film worth appreciating regardless of the riding. Thanks to Nam and everyone at B4BC for working hard on making things happen.