Behind the Scenes of Pepper with Ozzy Henning

For much of the greater snowboarding world, Ozzy Henning dropped out of the heavens and into our laptops over five years ago via a video called HammerHedit, filmed at Park City. In just over three minutes, Ozzy unleashed his own individual breed of boarding unto the masses, filled with style-steeped spins over PC's cheesewedges, effortless tricks off knuckles, and a smooth, second nature acuity on rails. Since that introduction, Ozzy has only amplified his abilities in video parts with Rome, Absinthe, and most recently, as a member of the crew in Bode Merrill's Reckless Abandon. Ozzy is an all-terrain destroyer, equally at home in the streets as he is in the backcountry and casually upping the ante every time he drops in. His snowboarding is natural, fluid, and explosive, a rare combination born from growing up riding the mountains of Utah and an overflow of style from his love of skateboarding. Last winter, this snowboarding savant was tapped to film in SNOWBOARDER Magazine's new movie, Pepper, alongside Bode, Ted Borland, Sage Kotsenburg, Garrett Warnick, Justin Keniston, Mikey Rencz, Nils Mindnich, and Chris Grenier. Below, Ozzy opens up about the season spent filming for the movie, though for the real goods from this video virtuoso, you'll have to wait and watch his part when it drops this fall, because after this seasoning spent shooting, Ozzy is surely going to deliver.
– Mary Walsh

What are some snowboard movies that resonated with you before you were a pro snowboarder?
Well my brother had Unleashed on VHS and that was definitely the first video for me, but as I got older, I got some Strait Jacket films movies and from there it was Robotfood and Mackdawg stuff. But then I saw the Technine movies and those really inspired me.

How did you hear about and get involved with Pepper?
Uhhhh, pretty much Bode hit me up saying he was trying to figure something out and from there, Bridges gave me a call and asked if I wanted in.

All smiles in Salt Lake City. Ozzy Henning. p: Oli Gagnon

Who was your main crew while filming?

Main crew was Ted, Grendies, Bode, Worm, Chip, Jon Stark, and Cole Taylor.

You guys spent a lot of time filming in Salt Lake, where much of the crew lives. With so much group experience in the area and being on your guys' home turf, what the process of filming in the streets like in Utah?
The Process in Utah can be really good, just because you have all the tools you may need, versus flying to Japan for a rail trip and all you can bring are shovels and maybe a bungee.

Why pick between Japan and Salt Lake when you can have both. Ozzy Henning in Salt Lake City. p: Oli Gagnon

This past season, what kind of features in cities made you stoked? What do you look for in a spot?
That's a hard question but the spots that get me the most stoked and what I look for are natural speed spots. Doesn't really matter what your boardin' on, if its natty speed, it's a good spot.

You went to Japan for the first time this winter. What was that like?
Japan is amazing, such a unique culture, so many spots and so much snow. Having a guide definitely helped the situation because spots are sick in Japan, but they are just really hard to find.

List three things you pack when you go filming in the streets:

Water, extra gloves, extra binding parts.

List three things you pack when you go out into the backcountry:
Food, snacks, water.

Sitting on gold. Ozzy checks footage with the Pepper cast in Salt Lake City. p: Oli Gagnon

What were some highlights of your winter?

Just being able to witness so much good snowboarding in person..

What were some lowlights of your winter?

Truly there weren't any I could think of. Everyone supported each other and the crew dynamic just stayed positive.

Are you happy with the amount of footage you're sitting on?

Yeah for sure. It's possibly the most I've ever had, but I still wish I got out in the backcountry more.

More backcountry footage or not, Ozzy stacked an insane amount of clips this winter. p: Oli Gagnon

What was the craziest thing you saw in the streets or the backcountry this season?
I feel like I can't tell. People just need to buy Pepper and see all the hammers happen.

When you're watching videos, what do you personally look for in a good part?
Skate-style snowboarders are so fun to watch.

How did Worm become everyone's spirit animal? Through games of UNO?
That's a Bode and Grenier thing. They started saying it and it just stuck.

Whose part are you looking forward to seeing most?
Truly the whole movie, no joke. Every clip I personally got to see last winter was fucking sick. Everyone put everything they had into filming their parts. So therefore, they're all just going to kick ass.

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