Pepper Rider Ted Borland turns pro for Lib Tech. p: T. Bird

They don't get much better than Ted Borland, both as a rider and as a human being. For ten years Ted has been putting in the work and consistently creating video parts that defy the norm. He has developed his snowboarding skill in a manner that over shadows his exaggerated frame and in the process has defied all 'tall guy steeze" stereotypes. Odds are that Ted is one of your favorite pro's favorite pro's. This is why he was a no brainer when it came to getting him into the mix for our upcoming project, the Pepper Video. Last week Lib Tech bestowed Ted and his good friend Brandon Reis with the high honor of their own pro models and Creative Director Pat Bridges had a chance to sit down with Borland for a quick catch up.

Brandon Reis and Ted Borland receiving the news at Mt. Hood. p: Tim Zimmerman

Have you wanted to be a pro snowboarder for a while?
Pretty much since I was like 12 years old. It was pretty much a childhood dream.

Who was the first pro snowboarder you ever met?
The first pro I ever met was Tom Gilles in a hot tub of Okemo during like a Grand Prix event.

When did you start getting hooked up by Lib Tech?
I started getting flow from the reps almost 10 years ago. Two or three years after that Jesse Burtner helped me get in with Zach Leach, the team manager at the time. After that they officially put me on their team. That was probably seven years ago.

Ted Borland reflecting on the opportunity. p: Bird

So how did it feel when you found out you were turning pro for Lib Tech?
It was very surreal cause I've always thought about what it would be like to have a pro model board with Lib Tech. I was starting to think that maybe it would never happen. It's a dream come true for sure.

Lib Tech also turned your buddy Brandon Reis pro at the same time as you. Were you stoked for him?
Hell yeah! We've been in this together for years. We ride together all the time.

When you woke up today did you feel like everybody was looking at you thinking "Oh, there's Ted Borland and he's a pro snowboarder."?
I don't know if that's what I was feeling when I woke up this morning. Jesse's wife Pika brought us some beverages at the bar last night to celebrate. So this morning I woke up feeling like I just need to get through the day. But now I am definitely more motivated to keep snowboarding, and ride as hard as I can cause that's what you're supposed to do as a pro.

Of course if is another photo of Ted. It is his pro interview. p: Bird

How does it feel to be a pro on the same team as Jamie Lynn and Jesse Burtner and the rest of the crew.
It's insane. We were talking about the list of pro riders last night. The Team Manager Jesse was like "You share this thing with Travis Rice, Jamie Lynn, Freddy Kalbermatten, Mark Landvik, E-Jack." Jesse Burtner is obviously as well. The legacy of people who have had signature boards on Lib Tech is massive.

So you get your own pro model?

What's going to make your board a pro model?

So Lib Tech just started kind of doing a camber version of Jesse's board and I started riding that last summer. And as soon as I got on it I was like this is the only board I wanna ride. I rode Jesse's board the majority of this season and that's going be my board. It's a little bit bigger, soft camber board, and it's my favorite board ever. It won't be out this Fall but next Fall.

What's on the horizon for you?
First the Pepper video is coming out this fall. Then I've got some ideas in the works for next year. So, just keep filming snowboarding and traveling and doing what I can.

Congratulations Ted.
Thanks Pat.