Phil Hansen Turns Pro for Lib Tech Skateboards

It is not everyday that a ripping snowboarder turns pro… especially in skateboarding. But that is exactly what Phil Hansen did earlier this month. Popping up at our events and always pushing the envelope when we are lucky enough to see him ride, we caught up with the fresh professional to get a bit more info for you all.

What is the PH of this picture? 1. p: Yosh

How old are you and where are you from?

I am 21 years old and I'm from Centennial, Colorado. Southeast edge of the Denver area.

What is the story behind your Instagram handle @nutrash_hansen?

Pretty much lost my virginity to a really sketchy girl and got sloppy seconds from my buddy, and the next day it was like 100 degrees outside and I scratched down there and my friend Tom called me outsaying I got Nutrash from the girl. Good times at the skatepark.

And now… what came first for you, the skateboard or the snowboard?

Skating came around age 6, and then snowboarding around 11. The same neighbor made me want to do both of them, and skating is obviously much easier to do in the plains. The older I get, I realize skating hurts a lot more so I've been doing it less.

We are a snowboarding publication so excuse the question, but how long has Lib Tech been making skateboards? What else are they keeping secret?
Most people don't know but they actually started as a skate company when Mike and Pete first started making the boards. I honestly didn't know either until I went to a presentation about it, but they took their skate tech to snow and it just took off so they ran with it. I'm glad that they still do all the skate stuff, no matter how much smaller it is in comparison to their snow program.

What does it mean to go pro for Lib Tech on the skate side? How long have you been with them?

I'm hoping it means I get to do the graphic next year. Ben Lardy did it this year and it completely surprised me, since I had no idea, but other than that I don't think too much is changing. The skate program is small, so I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing, ordering boards for the boys, trying to help run the Insta, and of course filming. Learning how to do all the other things is becoming more enjoyable for me seeming that I've just been running my body through the ringer this summer.

How did you do the backflip on the skateboard?
That's the old bike tire binding trick! We're actually joking that the next innovation is a magnetized skateboard. The future is now.

We’ve heard your favorite genre is Space Rock. What is Space Rock, and why do you love it so dearly?
Space Rock is a type of psych rock, but kind of just a collaboration of jams, space sounds, endless guitars, and no real written music. It just makes your mind feel like it's somewhere else and it's very calming for me, kind of like meditation. Keeps me calm. Lately, I've been enjoying more actual music rather than jams, but going to space is great from time to time.

Bagging some powder in the PNW. p: Yosh

You started an event called the O-LIB-PICS held at Snoqualmie. Explain the inspiration behind the event, and are you testing the athletes for steroids?
That came about with my buddy Hanky, who does marketing at Snoqualmie. We wanted to do something that was pretty out of the ordinary and chaotic, rather than an event that was just ran normally. There wasn't much planning and we just kind of let everyone run it how they wanted to. We tested people for their alcohol levels, and decided they couldn't enter if they weren't sauced. It made the long jump 5x as entertaining.

You seem to have a lust for beautiful sideburns. Who in the skate/snow world do you think has the best burns in the biz?
Jon Dickson, no questions. My hero. #Soty2018.

What translates the easiest from skating to snowboarding for you?
Skating to snowboarding doesn't translate for me, and snowboarding just feels like an all around different thing. It goes the other way, rails on a skateboard feel smaller, tranny feels smaller, spins are easier. Snowboarding is a lot easier, but I try to snowboard as differently from my skating as possible so it's entirely different.

You recently made the move out the PNW from RADO. What inspired the move, and how many pow days did you bag on the first year in Washington?
I got out of high school and didn't have much in Colorado. My friends were getting into some sketchy stuff, I didn't really want to continue straight to college since I didn't know what I wanted to do, I didn't have a job. I just up and packed up my car and listened to Burtner, Pete, and Mikey and moved into Mike's place. The first winter was psycho, it snowed 13 feet in the first month if I remember right. The whole pass closed for 9 days, we were battling bears eating our food with no power or cell service, rationing our food to survive. During the days, we would just hike up and film whatever, and at night we would try and create little traps to shoo the bears off. That was my first winter experience in the northwest, and probably the best week of my life.

Nut a creature was stirring. p: Yosh

Any tips for becoming pro? I am thinking about dropping the camera and going for it.
Go for it. Follow your dreams, even if that means a tomahawk. I'll grab the cam and shoot it. Nothing would make me happier.

In you eyes what does it mean to be a pro skateboarder these days? What are the said duties that you will fulfill?
I don't know the new duties, maybe keep my pants on more, but I kind of like them off. It's been working so far. Just keeping doing what I'm doing and enjoying life while I can.

How did Lib surprise you with your pro model, and who did the graphics?
They told my dad a few months ago, so he flew out and played it off. I invited him to an event at Diecut stickers, and after a run they just whipped it out and started playing my new part, which I didn't know was even done yet. I cried for sure and had to run through the sprinklers to make sure it was real.

What’s the meaning behind your graphic?
Ben Lardy did it, it's just my whole life. I skinny dip, I chill on a raft, I skate, I play drums in the forest, they pretty much just took it to the extreme and it's the funniest thing ever. I can't thank Lardy and Mervin enough.

Now that you’re a pro skateboarder, will snowboarding take a back seat in your career, or are you gonna go full Bo Jackson on us?
They told me to chill, and after this summer, which has been the most stressful and fucked summer of my life, pretty much just putting myself into being homeless and rolling with it to see what it's like, I'm going to recede into the forest and bask in the glory of swimming under waterfalls. I've been working every day saving up for snowboarding, so that's on my mind more than ever. I'm about to quit my job in a week or so, take a road trip with my dad, and start snowboarding. God bless, I've never been so excited to get done with a summer.

Congrats again man!

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