The Helsinki Slinky? Derrek Lever Talks House Call Only and Blender

Filming for two of the most highly-anticipated projects of the year would leave a mere mortal shaking at the knees, but Derrek Lever seems unfazed. Well, maybe he was nervous, but this interview was conducted over email so we can’t really hear if his voice was trembling or not. But we guess the latter. No matter the case, we thought would should probably check in with Derrek before both projects with adidas snowboarding—Tommy Gesme’s “Blender” and “House Call Only”—hit the internet in the coming weeks and he starts rubbing elbows with Brad Pitt after such insane performances. Yeah, we have seen them both. They are that good. As for his new nickname, “The Helisinki Slinky,” just look at these T. Bird photos of Derrek destroying features in Finland one step at a time, and try to come up with something better.

Everyone knows it’s Derrek. p: T. Bird

So house call and blender this year, eh? Any other projects we don't know about?
No, that's pretty much all I got into this year.

Let's take a brief history of all the crews you have filmed with.
-Keep The Change
-A few adidas projects here and there.
-House Call Only

Derrek’s Roll Call Full Part

Where you living at these days?
I live in Skykomish, WA. It's a little town at the base of Stevens Pass. I grew up closer to the city and have been riding at Stevens since I was a kid. There's a really great community of friends up there and I just don't think I would snowboard nearly as much if I still lived in the city. When I get home from trips I still snowboard for fun with my friends almost everyday. Keeps me hyped to do what I do. Mary (Rand)… our dog Otis… I love it up there.

A delighted Derrek in the streets. p: T.Bird

Lever up! p: T. Bird

Most of your clips are on rails, yet you live in Stevens Pass and ride powder… where is all your powder footy?!
Haha, yeah it's weird! I'd love to film some powder shit. We just always spend the seasons in cities and when I get home I just want to snowboard for fun. No cameras. Just an awesome mountain with good friends. Hopefully I'll get out there more this coming season.

How did you get involved with House Call Only? Didn’t you co-direct this project?
Jake Durham and I started it and I did co-direct it. It was just an outlet to do some things we wanted to do. I'm super happy on how it turned out. Looking forward to more stuff in the future.

How did it get it's name?
The escort section of p: T. Bird

Have you ever had a doctor make a house call and tend to you at home?
Hahaha. No, not sure if that still happens?

Digiorno, order-in, or homemade pizza?
Homemade for sure.

And what about getting involved with Blender?
Colton and Tommy are two of my best friends. They were nice enough to invite me on a late trip in Norway last year and we had a great time.

Have a favorite item to put in a blender?
Ginger, blueberries, almond milk, a couple of ice cubes, a splash of water and maybe some almond butter.

Smoothies, margaritas, pina coladas… and Derrek Lever—all great things in a blender. p: T. Bird

What was your favorite trip this season?
Hard to answer this one. They all have they're ups and downs. Favorite was either early Japan trip for House Call or late Norway trip for Blender.

Least favorite trip?
I didn't have a bad trip. I know it's a lame answer but I really loved last winter for all its ups and downs.

What are your plans going into this season?
There might be something in the works with adidas. Fingers crossed.

Thanks Derrek! Keep an eye out for BLENDER and HOUSE CALL ONLY DROPPING SOON!

The highway to Helsinki. p: T. Bird

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