Pirate Movie Productions: Back to the ZOO

Pirates Movie Productions

Squeezed in the back of Tyler’s full packed Audi, after a 10 hours drive from Silvretta Montafon to Avoriaz, with 3 extra hours trafic jam in Zurich to pick up Jerome Tanon’s laptop and hard drive, we finally arrived in Avoriaz city at midnight!
Tyler parked his car quickly (thx Dom) and headed downtown Avoriaz to meet Adrien Floucaut aka Bulus, my filmer Buddy from the good old days…
He straight told us that we couldn’t enter his flat before 1 am, cuz … 2 french porn actresses were doin a live webcam show !!!! hahaha BACK TO THE ZOO !
We rolled our boardbags behind the bar of The shooter and the barmaid immediatly offered us a round of genepi shots.
Then the music got louder and a saxophone player followed by 2 hot gogo girls popped out of no where and flamed up the party…(Check the intro of the video)
Half an hour and couple of beers later, the live show finished up on time in Bulus s flat and we could move in after an awckward feeling when we pass by the door… That’s it, Avoriaz first effect was there…
The day after, we went for a scope day, checkin different areas, then photographer Jerome Tanon join the session and we spent the rest of the week in the forrest, mainly shooting pillows and gaps with Kalle freshly out of 3 months jibbin…
We had a couple of crazy parties with Danny, Bulus and Guizmo in the Shooter and the Yak with the local Homies and the legendary 7TB4 crew .
It was really nice for me to see all the locals and my friends from Advita again !
Big up to Bulus, Grand Robin , Guizmo, Tom and Spal to Stane Mamar Lochon for the Saturday nite fever !

Blog: Avoriaz, France from Pirate Movie Production on Vimeo.

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