Pirates Productions Blog: Sani Gets Buried



Blog: Sani gets buried in an avalanche from Pirate Movie Production on Vimeo.

I didn’t think that this landing looked sketchy at all since it was kinda flat and short as I was the one going first. I travelled a bit too far to the right and also I landed my trick I hit a ditch at the bottom of the gully and stopped. Half a secunde later I felt snow pushing from behind and within in seconds I was buried by snow. I started pushing snow away from my face but at some point the snow got so compressed in the ditch that I couldn’t move anymore. It got dark and I had snow in my mouth so I couldn’t breath. It probably took only a couple of seconds before Fichtl dug me out but this felt like minutes! This really scared the shit out of me! I might sound like a pussy since the avalanche was not big but that little slide had so much power already. I can only imagine how gnarly it must be when a real avalanche hits you. So People, take care out there!