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At some point or another, we've all dealt with the disappointment that results from missing an epic shot. Whether it was totally botching the camera placement on your helmet during a once-in-a-lifetime POV pow lap, or completely misjudging the angles when following your buddies through the terrain park, nothing can sour those post-shred vibes like the realization that you’ve gotten nothing but throwaway footage.

Well, worry no longer thanks to the near foolproof video capability of the Insta360 ONE X.

Designed to capture video in every direction – yes, every direction – and then choose your framing after-the-fact, the Insta360 ONE X means no more botched angles. Whether you're mounting the camera atop your helmet, following a buddy through some tight trees, or even utilizing the intuitive Invisible Selfie Stick, you're guaranteed to get the shot from every imaginable angle. That means you can focus on what matters most – actually snowboarding – without ever having to worry about aiming your camera.

With a number of attachment options, the Insta360 ONE X works just like any other action cam, except with 360-degree video capability.

But the ability to shoot from every angle isn't the only impressive feature on the ONE X. With a variety of shooting settings to choose from, you have the option to capture breathtaking video in a multitude of ways, including 100 FPS in 3K or 30 FPS in 5.7K 360-mode. Plus, the ONE X also possesses the ability to shoot crisp 18-megapixel photos when the moment calls for a still capture.

Another feature of note is the ONE X’s SmartTrack ability. This allows a filmer to choose a target and the app will track them automatically, letting you focus on riding while letting the camera do all the work.

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Unlike other action cameras that require the assistance of a gimbal to provide optimally stable video, the ONE X comes already equipped with FlowState Stabilization for gimbal-like quality on every axis – even when you’re gunning it through the choppiest of terrain. Because the FlowState technology is also auto recorded, you can even switch it on after recording your video.

Other features on the ONE X include TimeShift technology, which grants users the power to control both time and perspective when editing videos. This allows you to adjust the speed of your clip by slowing it down to a near-halt, or even speed it up to achieve a timelapse effect. Speaking of adjusting speed and time, the ONE X even has the ability to shoot in 360-degree slow motion via 50 FPS at 4K or 100 FPS at 3K.

Whether you’re an iOS or Android user, the Insta360 ONE X features seamless high speed previewing and transferring.

With other user-friendly features such as High Speed WiFi Preview + Transfer (compatible with both iOS and Android devices), versatile shooting modes, and a first-of-its-kind Invisible Selfie Stick that allows users to edit out the stick itself, the Insta360 ONE X is ready for whatever adventure you have in store, both on snow and off.

So instead of missing the perfect angle on your next epic line, why not capture every angle imaginable?

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