words and photos: Knut Eliassen

The Lick The Cat crew is a breath of fresh air in a snowboard world dominated with progression and image-oriented snowboarders. This kids are some of the best snowboarders in the world, but they do not care if people see them without a shirt on, crashing, grabbing tindy, or just straight up falling in their video edits, because to them, snowboarding is all about going out with your friends and having a good time. “Project Lick the Cat” is not a movie about progression, style, or a certain type of snowboarding–it’s about doing what ever the fuck you want to do! If you were at the premiere you would know exactly what LTC is all about: partying, getting chicks, snowboarding, and having a good time with your homies.

The location of the premier was the parking lot of Spedelli´s in Salt Lake City, Utah. The first movie was Spedelli´s own snowboard movie and then the LTC crew came out and introduced “Project Lick The Cat”. The highlight of the movie is for sure the music, a mix of radio hits and dance party songs from the last decade. Said Sam Taxwood, “you can turn this movie on and you can either watch it or have a dance party!” There was literally a mosh pit in the crowd during the whole premiere, I kid you not. After the video ended and the crowd got their free gear from MiloSport, Vans, Nitro, and L1 Outerwear, there was a contest for a free Nitro snowboard. The LTC crew decided that the first person to ass focus (when you jump up in the air and land straight on your butt to break something) an entire wooden pallet would win the board. Within two minutes, the pallet was destroyed by a diehard snowboarder who was more than stoked to have a new board for the winter. The crowd went wild to say the least, and then the parking lot party stepped up a notch and looked almost like the movie “Project X”. People were literally lighting things on fire and jumping on cars. Mission accomplished, Lick The Cat.

A lot of snowboarding icons were there, as well, to check out what this movie was all about. Forest Bailey, Nick Russell, Shane Charlebois, Parker Duke, Cody Rosenthal, Corey Grove, Ben Bogart, Brandon Hobush, Ted Bundy, Cam Pierce–Mikey Leblanc was even there. There were even a lot of hot college chicks that showed up, so they must be doing something right. Thanks to LTC, Spedellis, DJ Matty Mo, and Cobra Dogs for putting on such an amazing event.