Queen City 2010 21_2

One of Burlington's favorites Luke Haddock slaying it. Unfortunately karma got him back later in the night, we wish Luke a speedy recovery.

Words & Photos: Laura Austin

For most people there is an event that acts as the kick off to the snowboard season, it might be a movie premiere, opening day, or the first snowfall… but in Vermont that event is the Queen City Sessions rail jam. After a two-year hiatus, the rail jam came back with a bang. Crowds gathered around the closed off street in downtown Burlington in 30 degree temperatures to watch east coast riders throw down. Which included the likes of Yale Cousino, Luke Haddock, Sean Murphy, Hans Mindnich, John Murphy, Riley Nickerson, Brendon Rego, Jesse Curan, Dylan Dragotta, Ty Walker, Mike Ravelson… the list could go on forever. The event is kind of like an east coast snowboarding family reunion, east coasters as the MC's, judges, DJ's, riders, snow from a local ice rink, and features from the local mountains.

Queen City 2010 13

At first things were a bit chaotic, riders of all abilities dropping in one after another down a huge drop in ramp to the one of two setups. But slowly the field narrowed out with people being picked off one by one allowing some of the more talented to stand out. But in the end there could only be one winner, which turned out to be Shaun Murphy for his style and consistency on the rails. Dylan Dragotta walked away with 2nd place and best trick for his box to rail transfer. Dragotta was charging the whole night, with the speed he had going into the rails, it is a surprise he didn't just clear them every time. And then one of the crowd favorites, Brendon Rego, snagged 3rd place. Another stand out was Luke Haddock, who ended up getting mugged and stabbed later that night in Burlington. We wish Luke a speedy recovery.

Queen City 2010 07

Hans Mindinch. Too bad his younger brother Nils isn't named Franz. If you don't know what I am referencing, look up Hans and Franz. You won't be disappointed.

It was great to see Burton bring back this grass-roots type rail jam, which isn't as much about big name riders and insane features, than it is about bringing the east coast shred community together to have a good time and kick off the winter. It was easy to tell that spirits were high throughout the night and it was unanimous that bringing back Queen City Sessions was definitely a good idea.

Queen City 2010 09

Men’s Results-
1st: Shaun Murphy
2nd: Dylan Dragotta
3rd: Brendon Rego

Queen City 2010 03_2

Have you ever had a bad time in Levis?

Women’s Results-
1st: Jessa Gilbert
2nd: Becca Ashley
3rd: Ty Walker

Queen City 2010 06_2

The drop-in ramp was more intimidating than the features. Rider: TJ James

Queen City 2010 16

Yup. That's Sean Murphy. He got 1st place.

Queen City 2010 38_3

Avert Guldemond was one of the MCs for the night.

Queen City 2010 05_2

Really curious what his shirt says. Something about smokin trees...

Queen City 2010 42

Where is Chris Rotax?

Queen City 2010 40_2

Queen City 2010 44

Podium for the ladies. 1st- Jessa Gilbert, 2nd- Becca Ashley, and 3rd- Ty Walker.

Queen City 2010 46

Mens podium. 1st- Sean Murphy, 2nd- Dylan Draggota, 3rd- Brendon Rego

Big thanks to I Heart Snow Productions for this video edit.