Quiksilver Young Guns Snow Contest: Vote Your Top Ten

Young Guns Voting

The second annual Quiksilver Young Guns Snowboard competition is in its final stride! Each rider selected from the first round had two weeks to put together a 1-1:30 minute clip of their best snowboarding. Now the top ten is up to you! Vote for a friend, vote for your cousin, vote for your cousin’s friend! Just Vote!

You can watch the videos here, or you can head directly to the voting site and watch/vote all in the same place!

In no particular order, here are the final ten that have a chance to ride with Travis Rice in Jackson Hole!

Cole Valles Date of birth- 22/10/2001 Country- USA

Yu Ito Date of birth- 12/31/2000 Country- Japan

Shunsi Komeno Date of birth- 12/10/2001 Country- Japan

Cooper Whittier Date of birth- 6/28/2001 Country- USA

Seigo Sato Date of birth– 12/24/2002 Country– Niigata.Japan

Patrice Poulin Date of birth- 12/12/1999 Country- Canada

Lucas Foster Date of birth- 9/17/1999 Country- USA

Kolman Lecroy Date of birth- 4/15/2002 Country- USA

Jack MacDougall
Date of birth– 11/19/2000 Country– Canada

Fin Bremner Date of birth- 8/8/1999 Country- Scotland