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Check it. Here is the latest teaser from Random Bastards, for their new flick "Tentacle." Unlike other recent releases from the far side of the Atlantic, Tentacle appears to be a lighter representation of the Euro shred scene. The footage style is run and gun with the focus on fun. This isn’t to say that the riding itself isn’t serious. Viktor Wiberg, Erik Karlsson, Rold Nylander, Hans Ahlund, Jocke Rasmussen, Ludde Leikner, Anton Bilare, Zebbe Landmark Klas Beyer, Philip Grund, Tove Holmgren, Felix Engstrom, Viktor Bjornstrom, Noa Gadelius and Matteus Lestage not only have unpronounceable Names, but also unbelievable tricks! In addition to being the product of these riders, "Tentacle" was directed and edited by Kristofer Fahlgren, produced by Eric Hörstedt & Hans Ă…hlund, and art directed by Marc Strömberg, with motion graphics by Claes Lind.