Last season, when Bode Merrill and cinematographer Jon Ray set out to collaborate on a movie, it was everyone’s best guess that the resulting film would be nothing short of really, really good. Well, after traversing the better part of the winter-plagued world during the 2015-16 season, the duo exceeded the already high expectations with a movie that seamlessly blended Bode’s larger-than-life riding abilities and earnest sense of humor with the talents of four ardent up and comers. The location-based narrative of Reckless Abandon was capped off with an ending segment featuring Bode himself and, honestly, if that was the video above, that would be well-worthy of your repeated viewing. But, true to form for the video that Jon and Bode created, the above full part is an extended cut, re-edited with even more of Bode’s mental footage. With that, we’ll stop typing so you can start watching. Enjoy Bode Merrill’s extended full part from Reckless Abandon and make sure to download Reckless Abandon in its entirety on iTunes.


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