Bode Merrill is an enigma. He has, completely genuinely and without any ulterior motives, become one of the most respected and influential snowboarders alive by doing exactly what makes him happy, spending winter careening from backcountry piste to city street and, regardless of the type of terrain, putting down tricks that not only impress, but usually blow minds. While Bode possesses uncanny air awareness, calculated board control, and drops into spots that are fully consequential, this man is flying by the seat of his pants. And  despite all this, while putting himself in the most physically demanding situations, Bode never takes himself too seriously. Which is royally fucked considering what’s he dropping into. And it’s awesome. And because of that, Bode is maybe the one person in the world who could gather a group of friends–who all happen to be similarly talented up and coming snowboarders with no problem throwing caution to the wind–to spend the winter stacking for what is sure to be one of the gnarliest movies of 2016, and then release a teaser for said film with R. Kelly’s 2003 hit, “Ignition (Remix)” as the theme. Bode is living with Reckless Abandon. He’s there. He’s doing it. And, no matter who else is watching, he’s having the best time, ever.

Enjoy the teaser for Reckless Abandon featuring Bode Merrill, Jesse Paul, Hans Mindnich, Erik Leon, Ozzy Henning, and friends.