Originally published in the October issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine, Red has since won gold in the slopestyle finals at the 2018 Winter Olympics and is currently warming up for the Big Air Finals tonight. We gave our audience the chance to ask Red questions late last year on social media to be ran in the print mag, this is what they came up with.

Red taking a different line through the course. p: Clavin

Red Gerard began stepping to gargantuan jumps when he was in elementary school. A pint-size projectile in the Colorado skyline, Red was guinea pigging transition at Superpark and Ms. Superpark while his peers fed paper to the classroom pet of the same name. Raised in the Rocky Mountains, the sixth of seven kids, Red followed the bootpack formed by his older brothers who had fallen in love with snowboarding, making turns at Keystone and Breckenridge under their tutelage, support, and affectionate hazing. This upbringing was instrumental in his development of heavy mettle and Red quickly veered off to make his own tracks, infusing an inherent air awareness and high altitude prowess into his snowboarding, remaining continuously humble no matter how high he rose.

Flash forward a few years and Red has become a staple in the slope circuit, riding with a bag of tricks that is years beyond the age on his driver’s license. Over the past few winters, young Redmond has been dropping into Dew Tours, Grand Prixs, and the US Open with his eyes set on Pyeongchang, South Korea a rising contender with a style sensibility that was developed outside of judged runs. Read: Red’s far from a contest jock. While he has officially arrived as a force in the competitive world with his recent slopestyle gold, it’s his abilities sans bib that have cemented him as one of snowboarding’s favorite up and comers: his already-timeless style, his well-rounded riding in any terrain, and his easy-going nature despite whatever house-size jump looms in front of him. Not to mention that he’s started filming video parts. In past few years, Red has come into his own and his performance in South Korea has launched him into international fame, this event on the global stage is only one part of Red’s season, because he’s got a lot on his plate and the composure, ability, and appetite to attack it all.
—­Mary Walsh

Red Gerard after hearing his score in South Korea. p: Clavin

How is it that you became so sendy so early on? I feel like the things I’m proud of doing now you accomplished when you were 4 years old.
Haha, I don’t really know. I guess I’ve just been snowboarding for a while and I’m super lucky to be in a family of snowboarders.

What’s your opinion on Bigfoot? 
I am down! I want to meet the guy, I think we would get along.

First trick you learned?
The first trick I learned was a front three. It was so much fun. Recently, I have learned switch back rodeos and that one I was honestly a little nervous for.

Biggest bail you have had?
Umm, I have definitely have had some bad ones but pretty hard to know which one was the worst.

Last year’s Peace Park looked incredible, what was it like to be part of it? 
­—Elliot Davies, via Facebook
Yeah, last year’s Peace Park was definitely insane. It was super fun, all of the homies were there and we had a pretty amazing time. Good boarding!

Street or backcountry? 
I would have to say backcountry for sure. I really like being out in the middle of nowhere and snowmobiling is insane—I love to snowmobile.

I’m a solid mountain boarder, but when it comes to park I definitely freak myself out and end up bailing on tricks and features. I feel like I’m robbing myself of half the boarding experience. Tips to overcome this fear?  
Yeah, for sure it can pretty scary, but I would say just riding in the park more and getting comfortable on the stuff you know and then moving up.

We still on for spine season in AK in April? 
Literally counting down the days.

When are you going to hit jumps in a speedo with your brother Brendan Gerard? 
­—Brenden Lisi, via Facebook
Oh boy, I have no clue. Maybe soon. Haha.

Why does your sister have more followers than you? 
Because she is a boss and I am just some snowboarder. @halfbakedharvest

Your name is Red, but yet you wear all orange. Why is that? 
(Insert middle finger emoji.) 

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