US Open 2011 Rail Jam 023

The setup.

Recap: T Bird
Photos: Laura Austin

I’ll start this off by stating that although the fact that the US Open has been held at Stratton since 1985 and some may think that a venue change should be in order in the near future, the rail jam setup at Stratton, built by the prestigious pushers of Snow Park Technologies, was one of the most incredible snow structures I have seen constructed in quite some time. It’s insane. “It’s actually quite less insane than it was planned to be,” states Liam Griffin, Global Events Director at Burton. Well, whatever Liam says, it was incredible, and a description is absolutely impossible. Check the photos for the full effect of how much time this beast must’ve been to build. I was stoked that the rail jam was back in the Open schedule, and even cloudy skies and spit-piss rain couldn’t take away the enormity of this course, and the riders anxiously awaited the kick-off.

US Open 2011 Rail Jam 077 cam

Cam Pierce

The field was stacked with some of the world’s best jibbers and jumpers, and at quarter-past-seven, shit went down. 30 men and 15 women pointed it at, over, around and in-between the beast. Riders like Yale Cousino, Forest Bailey, Charles Reid, Spencer O’Brien, Jason Dubois, Luke Haddock, Kjersti Buass, Jack Kmitrani, Dylan Dragotta, Jamie Anderson, Ben Ross, Sam Hulbert, Brandon Reis, Sebastien Toutant and a handful of others sessioned the setup for 90 minutes and it was all-time. (Editors Note: Though I don’t think a “rail jam” should incorporate double corks).

Spencer O'Brien

In the end, there were three men and three women who walked away with the top spots. They are…

Men US Open Rail Jam Results:
1. Charles Reid
2. Jason Dubois
3. Yale Cousino

Jason Dubois

1. Kjersti Buass
2. Jamie Anderson
3. Spencer O’Brien

Kjersti Buaas

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Random quote of the night (in regard to the course):
“All three-foot, eight inches of Monkey Fairy did it again.”
-Nelson Wormstead, US Open announcer and crappy Twitterer (@NelsonNHD)

US Open 2011 Rail Jam 138 Andrews

Alex Andrews

Hans Mindnich

US Open 2011 Rail Jam 119

US Open 2011 Rail Jam 003 Nickerson

Riley Nickerson

US Open 2011 Rail Jam 102

Hans Mindnich

US Open 2011 Rail Jam 143

Women's Podium. (L to R) Spencer O'Brien, Kjersti Buaas, Jamie Anderson

US Open 2011 Rail Jam 154

Men's Podium. (L to R) Yale Cousino, Charles Reid, Jason Dubois