It is widely believed that people are a product of their environment. Snowboarders are no different. Take for instance Hans and Nils Mindnich, who cut their teeth on the Mt. Mansfield ice sheets of Vermont where the consequence of even a marginal slip-up can result in countless expletives and an extended stay at the base of a jump. So when it came time to substitute the ice coast for the West Coast, it was like pouring gasoline on a campfire, both of them now an integral part of the emerging vanguard of Colorado and Utah riders, respectively. Like so many others, SNOWBOARDER Magazine has served as a catalyst for each of their careers. With every appearance the two have had massive showings, culminating in Hans taking Standout honors from The Launch 2012, and most recently at Superpark 17 presented by Gatorade. Nils followed suit by earning Standout at The Launch 2013. But there is more to their riding than just awards. Watching Hans and Nils attack a hip session is an event in itself, a Cirque du Soleil-esque, mind-bending performance of contorting what-the-fuck grabs with more style than an Armani catalog, and airtime to boot. Now scooped up by Salomon Snowboards and The North Face, among others, the two are finally getting the industry recognition they have long deserved for their riding. Big things are coming for Hans and Nils, just wait.

– Jens Heig

Nils: Ok Hans, name, age and DOB.
Hans: Ok Nils, this is your bro Hans who was born 2/1/93.

Nils: Where are you?
Hans: I’m in Blue River right outside of Breckenridge, CO, chilling with some homies from Stowe, VT! Where are you at these days?

Nils: Salt Lake City brotha! Crashing on my homie’s couch, as usual. What inspires you when you’re on your snowboard?
Hans: I try to think of all kinds of riders depending on what terrain I’m on. But mostly it’s the feeling of trying to innovate the way people ride a mountain, if that makes sense. I just really like shredding with friends and pushing each other.

Nils: That's what's up. So on the subject, triple corks… Your thoughts?
Hans: I think it would be fun to land one but I don't want to be known for doing them. What's your thought on women shredders? Also what do you think about chicks doing double backies?

Hans: So you're saying you're scared of going upside down? Because I have seen you do double corks with my own eyes.

Nils: Double dip. There's a difference. There are three things Nils Mindnich doesn't do: back flips, hold babies, and reach the top shelf in the kitchen…
Hans: Well I guess we're like yin and yang; I could probably do all three! Do you remember the first snow bunny you hooked up with?

Nils: She was SPOICE. Alright Hans, enough with female athletics and my weaknesses.
Hans: Have you ever done something where should have died? Because I remember when we were at the Red Bull Crystal competition in Canada, they had a step down over a mega screen and when I tried to stop I ping ponged 25 feet down through all kinds of metal.

Nils: That was the gnarliest thing I’ve ever seen. How you only bumped you knee, I don’t know. Try dropping any old Joe down 25 feet of scaffolding and they would have been KO’d. There are plenty of things that other people would have died doing that I have done. Kim Kardashian, would you?
Hans: Yeah! She has so much money and ass, plus I've got to become a celebrity somehow.

Nils: This is true, this is true. We have our celebrity status locked after Disney.
Hans: What's the most embarrassing thing you have ever done in you life? Dressing up as a black kid and a girl for Disney does not count.

Nils: I wouldn’t put that as embarrassing. I would say that’s some grade-A selling out. And you dressed up like a girl, too. Why do you smell so bad?
Hans: I don't smell bad I smell like a man. Better than smelling like a pussy that can't do a backflip.

Nils: I’m afraid of backies, and I love snow bunnies. So the more the better! Props to ladies whipping it back twice, I would never!

Nils: Touché. Point Hans.
Hans: Hardworking men don't smell like roses. Would you ever be a Mormon if polygamy were legal?

Nils: Me, getting married? Hell no, no matter how much poon. I’m trying to expire by my mid thirties. You know how much nagging you would have to put up with? Would you soak?
Hans: Good point, fuck getting married. Most all of our friends' parents are divorced already and I like my money to be mine. I will die before I have to soak.

Nils: Why didn't you go bigger than me on the hip at The Launch big bro?
Hans: I may not have gone as big as you but at least I went upside down, so I bet my feet went bigger than yours did.

Nils: Yeah that's true. I would have shit bricks if someone made me do that. Do you remember when you were younger and found a dead fly in your hair at the end of the summer?
Hans: Honestly no, I really don't but it sounds possible.

Nils: We are from the dirty Jers', it's very possible.