This photo says it all and then some. Aaron Diamond=Dirt Photo: Jacques Beriau

Words: Reid Casner
When the wrapping paper clears on December 26th most of he consuming American population heads to malls and retail establishments to return the presents that didn’t meet with their approval. Meanwhile in New England, snowboarders in the know return to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, specifically Loon Mountain, for park laps, pipe trains, and side trail foolery with friends, heros, zeros and anyone else who shows up. This is the ReLoonion. Although there is evidence of the first ReLoonion it’s unknown exactly when this tradition was implemented. Really, it doesn't matter how long this has been happening. What matters is the gondola bullshit sessions, catching up with those you haven't seen since last year, and the smile stamped on your face by almost being decapitated by the guy behind you in the too-tight mobs that flock the park.
This year the media's pet project: "the Blizzaard of 2010" kept the Joeys glued to their tv sets in Massachusetts and the lift lines loose. More runs and more flat light for everyone! Cameras were boycotted, so there's not much to show for the day, except the memories of those in attendance. As the gondola ceased spinning beers found there way to hands and stomachs and at the end of the night it was karaoke and talk of the following day as the first snowflakes finally began falling. Here are a few pics, all of them crap. If you weren’t there you don’t know, but hopefully you’ll join us next year. Huge thanks to Jay Scambio, Brian Norton, and Loon for making sure this happens each year.

Gondola shot. We're all friends here. Waterville's Brendan Mathieu, Loon's Brian Norton, 2002 Whacked Out Sports crash section standout Jacques Beriau, and me. Photo: Mick Beriau

Loon has the first pipe on the east. Ex Snowboarder coverboy/ Waterville Park guru Luke Mathison catching sky, Chris Carr dropping, Oakley's Mark Wakeling preparing for scorpion. Photo: Mary Walsh

On Monday morning anyone who was able to get out out of bed was greeted by abnormally light east coast pow. Local louse Brian Norton woke up early, performed one backside turn and promptly went into hibernation for the next 3 days