Reloonion 2011 10

Loonatic's throwing up the Wu Tang Wings in hopes of coaching Method Man out of the Ewok Village. Even after sending up smoke signals, TICAL was nowhere to be found.

Words & Photos: Avert Guldemond

Lets face it. The Holidays can be hectic, and many times the essence is lost in the confusion of the days leading up to the 25th. Often we find ourselves stretched like the wrapping paper your didn't buy quite enough of, or empty feeling similar to the tree stand the family has neglected watering, our branches now limp and ready to added to the burn pile. You may say to yourself, why am I feeling this way? What is to be done?

Reloonion 2011 01

Tyler Davis and Nelson Wormstead chuckin' up the deuce. Their thinking peace, I'm thinking one too many chicken finger platters.

Well, for us New Englanders, there is only one way to brighten the Yuletide Spirit
and that day happens annually Dec 26th at Loon Mountain, New Hampshire. Now, the most anticipated day on every east coasters calendar, ReLOONion is a gathering of those far and wide, from PSU's finest alum, to the grimiest of NH's dirts, industry legends and every shred in between. Making their way up to Loon for a day of riding, beers, safety briefings and laughs with people of the past, the true meaning of friends and family is defined.

Reloonion 2011 02

Nelson regretting his overpriced mistake. Chicken finger plate is ruthless. More like chicken fuckers.

Henry David Thoreau said it the best when he quotes, from his book The Bluebird Carries The Sky On His Back

"We have lived not in proportion to the number of years we have spent on the earth, but in proportion as we have enjoyed."

If there is anyone who enjoys life to the fullest and takes everyday as it is and makes the best of it, it is the East Coast Snowboard Scene. Never backing down over adverse conditions, we are one's who step up to ice and praise infrequent powder.

Reloonion 2011 03

Mary Walsh made an appearance in the Bunyan Room for a soda.

Arriving to Loon after a delightful breakfast with my family, I knew it would be only minutes till a full-length smile was to overtake my face. Upon entering the gondola shack, it wasn't long before I heard the unmistakably dirty mouth of NHD's front man Aaron Diamond spewing my name. Hopping in line, I was forced into the gondola shaped cage, surrounded by other infamous dirts foaming at the mouth in preparation to carving the mountain a new one. Now at the summit, the crowds began to gather; horsemen waiting to battle the Mass vacationers in pursuit of the ultimate facemelt. Off we rode into the sunrise, what seemed a hundred riders deep, all united by a common bond, the love of shred. What could be better?

Reloonion 2011 04

A group of hearing impaired LOONatics signing that they need more beer. Turns out the bartender was blind, or maybe blinded by the stench of our group.

In terms of attendance for this year's ReLOONion, I'd say the ranks were thick. Friends like Tyler Davis, Nelson Wormstead, Eugene Stancato, the many LMP staff, Mike Baker, Mary Walsh, and many more were seen tearing the hill down, and tearing down equal amounts of beer provided by the Bunyan Room, a locals favorite. A merry time was had by all and if you haven't been a part of the ReLOONion in the past, be sure to mark your ICal for next December 26th. It's something you have to be there to feel, and one taste will have you withdrawing for the next 364. Merry Shredding to all and to all a good year.

Reloonion 2011 05

Mike Azevedo and I flossing' vintage gear. Damn it feels good to be a wanksta.

Reloonion 2011 06

Method Man made an appearance late in the day with his best hit since Judgment Day. TICALION

Reloonion 2011 07

It didn't take much to convince Big Mike Gonsalves that this cliff drop was legit. "It looks pretty burly Big Mike."… "Yeah? You think? I got this! "

Reloonion 2011 08

You know that last run you always decide take when you can barely see. Yeah, this is that run, the sunset justifying bad decisions.

Reloonion 2011 09

Big Mike ended up being my go to photo puppet of the day. Just ask him to hit something, and a few seconds later he produces. AINT NO HALF STEPPIN.