If Rendered Useless is the restless dream of the winter intoxicated as they sail through timezone and city skyline in search of untapped concrete and metal, then the segment occupied by Zander Blackmon and Vinny is the point where you’re jerked awake by subconscious movement, panicked and staring at the ceiling for a brief moment before drifting back into the void. Zander and Vinny’s full part is as compelling as it is creative, the stoic style of Zander seamless with the grit of Vinzant.

Lake Tahoe-born Blackmon takes on supersized spots with an easy confidence, handling massive drops and gaps with both a welcome audacity and subsequent deathwish for his knees. We’re not complaining though, his ligaments are intact and his Rendered shots are clearly only the beginning of where Zander will take things. The silhouette of Dan Vinzant, better known to his compatriots just as Vinny, has become unmistakable, both while taking cig rips or tucking a knee while navigating kinked steel. Vinny’s Midwestern-bred breed of snowboarding is as unclassifiable as they come; he just looks at spots in a different way and drops in with a loose, concentrated and straightforward tact. His tricks are esoteric without any trace of kitsch; the kind of riding you re-watch in order to see not only how he did what he did, but to try and figure out how he thought of it in the first place. The assembled shots of these two riders together are unrefined and direct, and just plainly good as hell.

So sit back and watch Zander and Vinny take down spots in their part from Rendered Useless. And then go get the full movie, so you can watch this section any time you want, along with all the others.