Ride Snowboards officially welcomes Massachusetts prodigy Cole Navin to their Global Am team. Cole Navin’s rise has been somewhat enigmatic, but not unforeseen. For years the quiet prestige of Cole’s riding has been gaining attention and respect on the East Coast. When not skating through the byways of Boston, Cole would either be doggedly hiking rails at NH resorts or or out in snowy municipalities, developing the gumption, acutely creative eye, and ambitious work ethic it takes to become a standout in the streets. This year Cole surprised everyone with his Rendered Useless showing. Through one video part the soft-spoken, humble, and occasionally boisterous Cole established himself as a mature and bold rider with the capacity to enlarge the possibilities of what a snowboarder can do on a snowboard. Cole’s new spot on Ride’s Global Am team symbolizes that Cole’s abilities have transcended their hometown beginnings into something truly world-class.


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