Rider Profile: Nils Mindnich


While Hans Mindnich and Nils Mindnich are obviously two very different boarders I’ll talk about them together since that’s how I always saw them for the first five years I knew them. Having spent a few seasons myself as a Stowe local I was keen to keep an eye on these Mansfield prodigies. Seeing them all suited up in Big B head-to-toe with wings on their helmets kinda turned me off right out of the gate, though. Then I walked into the Burton team house at Hood and caught them watching and laughing at my Trailer Park Boys DVDs and I began to look at them differently. Then we went to New Zealand together when they were fourteen and fifteen on some sort of Austrian-infused biometrics training camp that Red Bull was doing. On the last day, I got to take a few free runs with Hans and Nils and showed them the finer points of Low Impact firsthand. They took to it pretty good. Then they started coming to The Launch and it wasn’t long before they became two of our go-to guys for the senders. They always landed and they didn’t give a fuck. They are probably the two most naturally talented riders I have encountered since Travis Rice pointed it onto the world stage in 2001. – Pat Bridges

DOB: December 23, 1994
Stance: Goofy
Home Mountain: Stowe, Vermont
Instagram: @bear_nils
Sponsors: Salomon, The North Face, Giro, Elm Company

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