Rider Profile: Sam Taxwood


Two years ago Sam Taxwood broke open his piggy bank, cashed in his college fund and returned all of Michael Wick’s empties to be able to afford to go to The Holy Bowly in Japan. In other words, he flew overseas just for the stoke of it, out of pocket. He had no travel budget to dip into. No Team Manager to pick up the tab. No need to save his receipts for reimbursement. He took the money he earned in the off-season and as an unpaid amateur, made his own way overseas and rode more than anyone else there. That is soul. Our last night in Japan was Sam’s birthday. That night he had more sponsors than he knew what to do with. One person sponsored his all-you-can-drink sushi intake, another his all-you-can-drink karaoke antics. The night ended with bottle service at a Western model bar in Tokyo. I carried Stax out of the club like a baby and put him down on the ground at the feet of two perfect ten Polish blonds. As Sam expelled a birthday’s worth of Sapporo, Smirnoff and sake all over the sidewalk the two girls seriously contemplated taking him back to their pad to nurse him. What can you say? Stax has game. A few weeks later he blew his knee overshooting the Seven Springs gap hip on the first day of Superpark and still spent the next four days sending it both on and off the hill. Boss! – Pat Bridges

DOB: April 12, 1994
Stance: Goofy
Home Mountain: Park City, Utah
Instagram: @staxwood
Sponsors: Nitro, Vans, L1 Outerwear, Col Republic, Celtek, Gnarly, Nixon, Cobra Dogs

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