Rider Profile: Spencer Schubert


At the risk of sounding creepy, it wasn’t until Spencer Schubert started using Desiree Melancon’s drivers license as a fake ID that he made any sort of impression on me. He literally put on a dress and makeup and went out to the bars in Mammoth as Desiree. Then I started trying to get him to go to a strip club as Desiree thinking that the dancers would believe he was a girl and he could score free lap dances all night because everyone knows girls get more attention in strip clubs than guys do. After that Spencer did start to make an impression with his riding. His segments in the High Cascade edits were something we started looking forward to and he was definitely one of the MVPs at the first Summer Games. He also hooked up with one of our interns during The Launch at Bear before showing us “The Beluga Whale.” He wasn’t dressed at Desiree when he did it, though. That would’ve been weird. No one wants to see a whale in a dress. – Pat Bridges

DOB: January 25, 1993
Stance: Regular
Home Mountain: Mt. Bachelor, Oregon
Instagram: @shoeburt
Sponsors: Ride, ThirtyTwo, Dragon, Cobra Dogs

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