Front 3 with Spencer O’Brien


The Road to Sochi is on pause until everyone is actually in Sochi and the X Games are in high gear at Aspen this weekend. With the contest season at a paramount right now, who better to run the gauntlet of a Front 3 questionnaire than Spencer O’Brien. Spencer is hands-down one of our favorite women to watch in the slopestyle arena and as she gets ready to head to Russia to represent Canada, she sounded off on the things we want to know about–i.e. her love of the Food Network, her Rad Dad, and why women’s snowboarding is in a really good place right now. Take it away, Spencer.

3 things that go through your head before a competition run
1. Don’t fuck it up
2. Grab your snowboard
3. Have fun.

3 best things about having a Rad Dad who rides
1. We both love snowboarding, so it’s fun to share that with him.
2. He’s more popular than me on the comp circuit, everyone is always asking where my pops is.
3. He shreds so hard, sometimes it scares the crap out of me, but for the most part it’s awesome to watch him send it.

3 people to ride with on a powder day
1. Victoria Jealouse.
2. Leanne Pelosi,
3. Gigi Ruff (in my dreams ha!).

3 ways to celebrate a podium finish
1. Champagne shower.
2. A good dinner with friends.
3. 10%

3 best moments at the X Games
1. Landing a run last year!!! So hyped to land a run after falling down for like three years straight in Aspen ha.
2. Having my Dad beat the medic up the hill when I ate it on the last jump in 2012.
3. Watching Elena Hight land a double ally oop rodeo in 2013.

3 reasons you love the Food Network
1. Iron Chef America.
2. Gordon Ramsey.
3. Diners, Drive In’s and Dives.

3 best jumpers in women’s slopestyle
1. Enni Rukajarvi.
2. Jamie Anderson.
3. Kjersti Buass.

3 awesome things about women's snowboarding right now
The level of progression going on across all of women’s snowboarding is incredible. Everything from Elena’s double alley oop rodeo to Jess Kimura’s video parts the last few years. Enni and Jamie on the slope course, MFR in the backcountry, the list goes on. Also, I’d say there’s a pretty good changing of the guard happening right now. Arielle Gold in the pipe, Christy Prior on the slope course and then Corine Pasela in the streets. We’re definitely starting to see a new generation coming in who’s ready to push things which is really exciting.

3 non-snowboarding trips you want to take
1. Peru. I’ve wanted to see Machu Picchu since I was 12.
2. Maldives. I need to learn to surf so might as well go big right?
3. Southern Italy. I need to get pizza in Naples.

3 most overrated tricks
1. Double back flips
2. Tail slide 270 out
3. Frontside 5’s.

3 things to do while waiting in an airport on a long layover
1. Watch Girls (best show ever, I’m addicted).
2. Read.
3. Catch up on emails.
Fourth option: get drunk in the lounge. This works well if you have company and an overseas flight.

3 things to do as a tourist in Russia
1. Vodka.
2. St.Petersburg.
3. Moscow.
I’ve only done one of these things and I’ve never been to Russia. I might only do the first one on my trip to Russia this year.